Forensic Pathologists testify in Filipino's murder case

Victim's partner stabbed him several more times after his heart stopped

Victim: Marcelino Montalban Saraza
Victim: Marcelino Montalban Saraza

The person who stabbed 44-year-old Marcelino Montalban Saraza last July, had continued to stab him even after he was dead, a court has been told this afternoon.

Dr. Safraz Ali and Dr. Marie Therese Camilleri Podesta testified before magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo in the case against the victim’s partner, 44-year-old Mayumi Santos Patacsil from the Philippines, who is charged with his murder.

The expert witnesses told the court that they had concluded that Saraza suffered the fatal stab wound to his abdomen but that his murderer had stabbed him several more times after his heart had stopped.

Santos Patacsil is accused of killing Saraza, her partner of four years, in a fit of jealous rage after suspecting infidelity.

The woman is also accused of fabricating evidence, tampering with a crime scene and making a false report to the police.

When the case was called this morning and with the blessing of both the prosecution and defence, Magistrate Farrugia Frendo started hearing evidence in the absence of the accused, after waiting for a considerable amount of time for her to be brought up from the cells to the courtroom.

In previous sittings, the court had heard neighbours of the couple testify to regularly hearing loud arguments between the accused and the victim at night.

It was at around 12.45am on 2 July last year that the Filipino woman had called the police asking for assistance, telling officers from the Qawra police station that she had been involved in an argument with her partner.

Several hours later, whilst in police custody, the woman had told officers that a knife had been used in the argument and that it had taken place at her residence in Triq il–Fortizza, Mellieha.  The victim was found on the kitchen floor, face down, covered by a sheet.

The case continues on 16 February.