Youth reprimanded and fined for carrying drugs

Court reprimands youth and fines her €58, after convicting her of carrying drugs for a third party. Supplier investigated after accused identifies him.

A 17-year old youth, born in Rome and residing at Xemxija, was reprimanded and fined €58 for carrying a cannabis joint for a friend whom she fancied.

Following her arrest, the youth told officers that four days prior to the incident she had met a friend who asked her to keep a packet of cigarettes containing cannabis joints.

“I never abused drugs. He told me he was scared he’ll be caught and gave me the drugs for safe keeping. He demanded €40 as guarantee that I’ll hand him the drugs back, and threatened me. I had a soft spot for him so I accepted”, the youth told investigators.

The accused took the drug with her to the party as she did not want to leave it home and risk her parents finding it. “I had planned to throw them away at the party, but could not get rid of them before as my stepfather drove me to Ta Qali”, she said.

Inspector Dennis Theuma told the court how on 1 May, 2013, a party was held at Club Numero Uno at Ta’ Qali. Drug Squad members were deployed to carry out random searches on the patrons for the presence of any illicit substances.

Two officers stopped the accused and a cigarette packet containing nine cannabis joints was found in her possession. The youth was arrested but given that her mother was abroad, she was questioned in the presence of her step-father.

“Whilst admitting to knowing that the packet contained drugs, she was not aware of the consequences of her actions, as she was carrying it for a third party. She fully cooperated with the police," the inspector said.

"She released a statement under oath in the presence of Inquiring Magistrate Antonio Mizzi, and as a result the person for whom she was carrying the drug will be arraigned to answer for charges of drug trafficking."

The court noted that based on the evidence exhibited by the prosecution, it results that during the party held on 1 May 2013 at Numero Uno, cannabis drugs were found in the accused’s possession. It also resulted that the youth did not abuse drugs and was only carrying the joints for a third party.

“She had no intention of using them herself hence these were neither for her use and much less for her exclusive use”, the court said.

However Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras considered that the accused, who was a still a minor, had fully collaborated with the police and on her information, the supplier had been investigated.

The youth was found guilty of being in possession of drugs in circumstances denoting it was not for her personal use. The Magistrate reprimanded the youth over her actions and fined her €58. The accused was also ordered to pay €266.39, within the next three months for court expenses.

Lawyers Michael and Lucia Sciriha appeared for the youth.