Judge whose wife is Labour MEP refuses recusal request on Panama inquiry

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil to challenge judge’s recusal decision in Constitutional Court

Judge Antonio Mizzi
Judge Antonio Mizzi

Judge Antonio Mizzi has turned down the Opposition leader’s request to recuse himself from the appeals against a decision to investigate the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri, and Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi – amongst others – on allegations of money laundering.

Antonio Mizzi is married to Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi and Simon Busuttil has requested that the judge recuse himself.

Busuttil this morning announced that he will be challenging the decision before the Constitutional Court.

In a ruling handed down this morning, Judge Mizzi said he was never a member of any political party, nor had he ever expressed his opinion on political matters in public. The judge pointed out that the fact that his wife was an MEP did not necessarily mean he shared her political views. 

In comments to the media outside the court building, Busuttil announced his intention to take the matter to the Constitutional Court. 

"This is a case between two individuals, not political parties," said the judge.

The case will continue on November 6.

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