Tigné Point hold-up: ‘I can still hear the trigger being pulled today’, says officer

Three officers describe the arrest of the man accused with attempted murder

'I knew you were looking for me and I wanted to end this', said the accused, when asked why he had a weapon.
'I knew you were looking for me and I wanted to end this', said the accused, when asked why he had a weapon.

A court has heard officers from the police Rapid Intervention Unit describe how a man, suspected of robbing a jewellery shop in Sliema, allegedly pointed a gun at them and pulled the trigger.

Three Rapid Intervention Unit officers testified during compilation proceedings against 22-year-old Albanian Daniel Muka, who stands charged with the officers’ attempted murder.

Muka pulled the trigger of the handgun he had been pointing at one of the officers, but the weapon did not fire.

The Albanian is also accused of violently resisting arrest, threatening the officers, possession of cocaine and being in possession of a firearm.

Muka pleaded not guilty to the charges during his arraignment and remains in custody.

Muka and another Albanian were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the robbery of a Sliema jewellery shop on 5 October.

A police sergeant told magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace how he had reacted to a call for backup by an RIU colleague at Baystreet, not far from his position.

The police witnesses said they were patrolling near Baystreet, and observed the man, who was recognised as a wanted person, sitting down.

When officers approached the accused, he said, the man stood up and became aggressive. The officers identified themselves as police and tried to grab his hands and the accused head-butted one of the officers.

In the ensuing scuffle, the accused reached behind him, pulled a gun out of his trousers and pointed it at the police. One officer said he heard the trigger click multiple times. 

The person dining with the accused did not resist at all.

The police sergeant said that the accused was still pointing the firearm at them and pulling the trigger, while they attempted to pin him down.

The accused was also observed attempting to pull something out of his trouser pocket - later identified as ammunition - with his other hand. He then released the gun after being tasered.

“Up to this day, I can still hear the trigger being pulled,” said an officer.

After he was arrested, the Sergeant said he had asked the accused why he had a weapon. “Because I knew you were looking for me and I wanted to end this,” he quoted him as saying.

Inspector Mark Mercieca and Carlos Cordina are prosecuting, Lawyers Noel Bianco and Jason Grima appeared for the accused.

The case continues on 30 October.


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