Man charged after drug bust

Accused pleaded not guilty to aggravated possession of several types of drugs

(Stock photo)
(Stock photo)

A man has appeared in court on charges of aggravated possession of a panoply of illicit substances, following his arrest yesterday.

The man, whose details are subject to a court-imposed ban on publication, pleaded not guilty to aggravated possession of amphetamines, cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy and LSD. He was also accused of resisting arrest.

He requested bail, which was granted against a deposit of €1,000 and a personal guarantee of €5,000. His lawyer, Giannella Demarco asked magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera for a ban on publication of particulars of the accused.

Prosecuting inspector Jonathan Cassar informed the court that the investigation was still ongoing and that the prosecution did not object to the request, in the circumstances. The court upheld the request, prohibiting the press from making reference to the name and particulars of the accused.

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