Men charged over 84kg cannabis discovery released on bail

The two accused had been arrested on June 30 after a massive haul of herbal cannabis

(File photo)
(File photo)

Two men charged in connection with a recent 84kg cannabis find by the Drug Squad, have been granted bail.

Tomislav Hegedus, 26, from Mosta and Fabian Catania, 42, from Qawra were arrested on June 30 after they were caught with 84kg of herbal cannabis, which appeared to be ready to be sold.

The were taken into custody in Santa Venera by members of the Drug Squad and Rapid Intervention Unit, after they had been under surveillance for a number of days.

They were arraigned separately and charged with conspiracy to traffic drugs and aggravated possession of cannabis in circumstances which indicated that the drug was not for their personal use.

Hegedus was further charged with complicity in the importation of cannabis and with having breached bail conditions. Catania was also separately charged with possession of cocaine and with being a recidivist.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke had heard witnesses testify to how the drugs had been hidden inside furniture loaded on to a truck which one of the accused had been driving when it was stopped by the police.

The pair had seen their initial request for bail rejected during their arraignment on 2 July, but the court acceded to a new request for bail by defence counsel after it had collected the testimony of a number of witnesses.

In her bail decree, Magistrate Clarke had released the men from arrest against a deposit of €10,000 and a personal guarantee of €15,000 each, ordering both to sign a bail book every day.

Inspectors Jonathan Cassar and Anthony Scerri prosecuted.

Lawyer Michael Sciriha is Catania’s defence counsel.

Lawyers Franco Debono and Mario Mifsud are appearing for Hegedus.

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