Pro-divorce lobby cites theologian Rene Camilleri on Church’s divorce stance

The pro-divorce lobby today issued excerpts from an interview with Fr Rene Camilleri, in which he stated that although he can never agree with divorce, it doesn’t mean that the Church should stop the State from going ahead with its choices and decisions.

Theologian Fr Rene Camilleri was interviewed on One TV programme Inkontri on October 18, 2010, during which he said he can never agree with divorce.

“The Church can never agree with divorce, I can never agree with divorce…t he Church will continue to talk about what it believes in regarding family issues, but the Church has no power to stop this country from making decisions which fall within the competence of politicians,” Fr Camilleri said.

After two thousand years of Catholic tradition all this panic on divorce has ensued because “our people have not been taught to educate themselves on the meaning of an informed conscience,” he said.

Moviment Iva campaign manager Michael Falzon said today in a press conference outside the law courts in Valletta, that the demarcation between Church and the State in Malta should be clear.

“In other countries abroad, there is a net separation between the Church and the State, where the Church recognises the power of the state and realises that it cannot annul the civil effects of marriage,” he said.

Falzon said that Malta should be a liberal democracy, but such a distinction between the two in this divorce issue was far from clear-cut. “That the law courts must bow their heads to the decisions of the Ecclesiastic Courts in the case of an annulment continues to show how the separation in Malta is not clear cut,” Falzon said.

“However, abroad, where separation between the two is net, an annulment by the Catholic Church does not carry any civil effects,” he said. “If divorce per se is intrinsically evil, then how are Catholics worldwide asked to get a divorce before an annulment?”

Absolutely agree with Edyjoyce.
The broader our understanding of life and the universe in which we live, the LOUDER we can hear our CONSCIENCE. . The narrower and tighter our awareness of life and the universe in which we live, the more likely we are to seek guidance from external authorities. . The hollow voice of the external authority acts as an artificial life support for people whom, alas, barely have a conscience.
When the Church authorities tell voters to vote against the introduction of divorce, they wouldn't be " teaching " the catholic Church's doctrine, but wanting to enforce the Church's doctrine on ALL citizens, irrespective of their religious or non-religious beliefs about marriage ! The Church should be telling the " faithful" that if ever divorce is introduced, they should not make use of it because it goes against the catholic religion. And stop there. That is the demarcation line which the Church in Malta has not respected !
Fr Camilleri while speaking at a meeting at the Millennium chapel, in Paceville, on Tuesday, also said that in the Vatican Council IIl, the Church acknowledged the separation of Church and state and pluralism but Fr Camilleri said the Church, while accepting pluralism, could not lose sight of its ideals, even in a secular world. This means that while the church accepts that only governments can enact laws for the state, it cannot be stopped from counciling its followers, how to vote. Touring the net today I met this prayer, which I advice everyone to recite every now and then: "O Qalb Ħelwa ta’ Ġesù tagħna, f’ġieh il-Pjagi Qaddisa tiegħek, ħenn għalina w ikkunslana, f’dan l-inkwiet li ninsabu fih. Iva, ħenn għalina u tħalliniex waħedna. Aħna nafu li Inti taf kollox imma xorta tridna nitolbuk, ħalli aħna nersqu aktar lejk".