[WATCH] Busuttil tells Juncker: Maltese disappointed Brussels ignored Panamagate

PN leader pours cold water over European Commission's apparent unwillingness to chastise Maltese government over Panama Papers

Simon Busuttil. Photo: Ray Attard
Simon Busuttil. Photo: Ray Attard

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil made his mark in the Maltese parliament as the country took the helm of the EU Presidency, by accusing the European Commission of ignoring the anger of the Maltese at the revelations of the Panama Papers. 

Many Maltese will be angry and disappointed that the European Union chooses to remain silent on the matter of former energy minister Konrad Mizzi and the Prime Minister's chief of staff Keith Schembri's secret accounts in Panama, the opposition leader said at the extraordinary session of parliament attended by the EU's College of Commissioners.  

"A minister of the government and the chief of staff of the Prime Minister were caught up in the Panama Papers, and we don't know if these companies are still open or not. We haven't seen anything from the European Commission and you still have nothing to say about it, and this is disappointing to the Maltese people," Busuttil said, adding that he was amazed the EU in general, and theCommission in particular, chose to remain indifferent.

"Is this behaviour acceptable to you?" he asked the visiting dignitaries. "Even if you say this is an internal matter, people are becoming angry at this mesage you are sending."

But Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commissioner, said the Commission was not competent for the legal and parliamentary system of member states.