Cyrus Engerer digs heels in ahead of Malta resolution debate

Engerer has accused the Nationalist Party of “pushing through a partisan resolution full of half-truths about Malta”

Labour MEP Cyrus Engerer
Labour MEP Cyrus Engerer

Labour Party MEP Cyrus Engerer is relinquishing no ground ahead of next week’s European Parliament plenary on debate on a controversial resolution on the state of the rule of law in Malta and the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, which has seen Malta’s MEPs from both sides of the political divide already crossing swords.

Engerer has accused the Nationalist Party - part of Parliament’s largest grouping, the European People’s party – of “pushing through a partisan resolution full of half-truths about Malta” since it enjoys the support of the parliamentary majority.

MEPs begin drawing up contentious resolution on rule of law in Malta

As such, while Engerer has little doubt that the resolution will sail through the vote at next week’s plenary, “our [Labour MEPs] job will be to uncover this deception, without causing any further harm to our country”.

As an example of such “deception”, Engerer cites the fact that while in past and present resolutions before the European Parliament Labour politicians had been mentioned as having links with the alleged mastermind of the Caruana Galizia assassination plot, Yorgen Fenech, they hide the fact that two of their own MPs had gone to the same person asking for donations to pay off the party’s debt.

“Their interests,” Engerer said, “are simple and partisan.”

Labour MEPs last month put up a united front fiercely opposed the prospect of holding the debate on the resolution, which is currently being drafted by LIBE committee members, but Nationalist MEPs have pushed hard for a vote on Malta.

But despite the protestations, the debate was nevertheless held and the vote to debate the resolution being drafted by the LIBE Committee was easily passed through the European Parliament in March.

Engerer, on his part, insisted that, “The court should be allowed to do its work to bring out the truth, without being disrupted by political discussions during the testimony stage. We believe in justice, the rule of law and in democracy.”

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