The Q&A: Meet Ralph Cassar

ADPD candidate for the MEP election

ADPD MEP candidate Ralph Cassar (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)
ADPD MEP candidate Ralph Cassar (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)

Is the European Union relevant to the Maltese?

The European Union is very relevant to the Maltese. Young people in particular want to spread their wings, gain new experiences, and expand their horizons. This is the Malta they know and want, a Malta in the EU. But for all of us, whether Maltese born or EU citizens and citizens of the world our vote will decide which direction the European Union will take in the next five years. Our choice will decide whether we take shared action to improve our quality of life, protect the rights and freedoms that we hold dear, and make Europe a force for peace and justice around the world. A vote to resist the far right, which is trying to drag us back in time, spreading hate, while scapegoating people who need our support. The choice of courage and hope is Green.

The Maltese electorate is motivated by issues which are local and often partisan, does this not make it more difficult for you to campaign?

I have always fought back against partisan, nepotistic and suffocating Maltese politics. I invite people to take the step and refuse this kind of politics by voting Green. ADPD has a proud history of offering an alternative green and progressive politics despite the manoeuvring by the conservatives and so-called socialists. Of course, campaigning is difficult, but we were always up for the challenge.

Malta has a small representation in the European Parliament. Can we be influential?

My colleagues and I have a long-standing relationship with our political partners in Europe, the European Green Party. We are not and will not be representatives of the Maltese government but representatives of voters, Maltese and European who cherish green, ecologist and progressive values. We are well placed to push forward these values from a Maltese and Mediterranean perspective with our Green colleagues from Southern Europe.

Why are you motivated to stand as a member of the European Parliament?

I feel that I have the experience necessary to be of service. I have a wealth of experience in industry, in lecturing at a technical college and in green politics, both locally and internationally. I have been active with the Greens in Malta since 1992, serving for four terms as a Green local councillor in Ħ’Attard. On a local level I worked tirelessly on the recyclables collection scheme, educational, cultural and sports activities, tree planting, the defence of open spaces and a new public library. I hold a Bachelor of Science in chemistry with computer studies, a Masters in Management (MBA) from the University of Malta, a Masters in Science from the Open University (UK), and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Glasgow. My interests include green energy and mobility policy development, wellbeing and the transition to an ecosocial economy.

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