Election Playbook: I want a hero’s welcome when I go to my polling station on 8 June

If people don’t chant loudly and wave flags when I go vote, then I’m simply not voting – here’s your round-up of a very hectic day 28

Muscat and co. charged: It happened. Former prime minister Joseph Muscat was charged on Tuesday, together with his former chief of staff Keith Schembri and ex-minister Konrad Mizzi, with bribery, trading in influence, money laundering, and various other crimes. Before the court hearing began, scores of supporters gathered in front of the law courts to show support towards the three of them (although mostly for Muscat). People waved the Labour Party flag, they wore their Labour Party merchandise, and they sang the Labour Party anthem. If you want to revisit the events as they happened, you can find our blow-by-blow account of the day, including the court proceedings, here.

Scenes from the courthouse: Many were quick to comment on the crowd scenes outside the law courts, including EP president and Nationalist Party candidate Roberta Metsola. She insisted that the scenes outside the law courts on Tuesday “are not what Malta should be about”, and that the country needs “real leadership”. Meanwhile, Labour MEP Marija Sara Vella Gafa says anyone who’s calling Labour supporters “sheep” or “goats” is showing their true colours todau. Metsola and Vella Gafa have one thing in common though – they’re both using this to urge people to vote on 8 June.  

Cassola meets Graffitti: A couple of days ago, independent candidate Arnold Cassola met with Moviment Graffitti at their Valletta office. He said that, if elected to the European Parliament, he would work hand-in-hand with Moviment Graffitti “with the intention of making Malta and Maltese society a better, more beautiful, healthier and socially-just country”. What do you mean? Isn’t Malta already so beautiful? I love concrete and I bet breathing construction dust everyday can be good for you. And socially-just? Nothing says social justice like defending politicians who might have embezzled taxpayer money.

What’s happening today?: The Labour Party will be in Mtarfa at 5:30pm and Ħal Luqa at 6:30pm. The Nationalist Party will be in Ħal Balzan at 6pm and Marsaskala at 6:30pm.

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