[READ] Angry email Comodini Cachia sent Delia: We need to plan an exit for you

PN MP Therese Comodini Cachia lambasts Adrian Delia, accusing him of taking MPs for a ride and urging him to reconsider his decision to stay on as leader

PN MP Therese Comodini Cachia
PN MP Therese Comodini Cachia

Nationalist Party MP Therese Comodini Cachia has directed a barage of criticism towards Adrian Delia, lambasting him for taking his parliamentary group for a ride and urging him to resign and not destroy the party and Malta’s interests.

In an angry letter sent to Delia and the PN parliamentary group on Thursday morning, following a long meeting last night when the majority of MPs pushed for the PN leader to step down, Comodini Cachia said that bold decisions had to be taken to reinvent the party.

Comodini Cachia said that, despite most MPs agreeing he should step down, Delia had failed to realise that the party’s internal factions were united to do what was best for the country and for the PN.

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A bold leader who only had the general good at heart would have recognised that the time had come for him to step aside, she said, but Delia’s comments to the waiting press following the meeting had shown a complete disconnection between himself, and the reality of the situation as reflected in the parliamentary group’s stance.

Read Comodini Cachia's full email to Delia below

Dear Adrian,

How can you take yourself for a ride and us all, but above all how dare you fail to understand that you cannot fulfil your role as leader of the Opposition and leader of this party anymore?! It is not the first time that you decided to shove our advice by the wayside but this time you fail to realise that our advice is now backed by a real and factual failure, that is the failure in garnering credibility, leadership and respect.

I agree with each of my colleagues who spoke yesterday, and bar two we all did. Yet, yesterday you failed to realise that the internal factions you are so paranoid about are now united to do what is in the best interest of the country and of the party. We all agreed that something is wrong with ‘tmexxija’ and that we need to plan an exit for you. We all agreed that the best interests of the country need us to do this. None of us make this proposal with a smile on our face, we make it out of a need to restore our Party and the country’s democracy.

Several reasons led to this failure; some you inherited, others you created and others were created for you. But a bold leader whose only interest is the general good recognises the moment when it is his time to forge ahead with a plan that sees him and his team move sideways. Your answers to the press (given just last night after the parliamentary group meeting) simply show a complete disconnection between yourself, and the parliamentary group as reflecting factual reality out there. Your answers show a parallel reality which is fake and unsupported by facts.

I am not one to enjoy being taken for a ride in this manner, but I am writing this email (this second email) out of a moral duty which I feel each one of us has. We each have a moral obligation towards our country: an obligation to ensure that this country becomes once again a full democracy. I strongly believe that for us to fulfil this obligation we need to take bold decisions to reinvent ourselves and our party. Reinventing ourselves means that each of us must make tough decisions only in the public interest. This means you and all other members
of tmexxija need to move sideways, and then each one of us whatever role we have in the Party need to see how best to act within the Party. The reshaping of the Party’s structures is not the magic in itself.

Once again let me be clear, you need to leave the chair of leader of Opposition and leader of the Party for the party to show that we can take bold decisions to reinvent ourselves and start gaining that credibility and respect that is needed to ensure this country can become a full democracy. Your departure, and by ‘your’ I mean the ‘leadership’, cannot be an abdication. It must mean a beginning of a chapter and consequently a plan agreed by all needs to be shaped and implemented.

Therefore once again I ask you to reconsider your position and to actually take the time to think what the parliamentary group told you yesterday. The message was loud and clear to all or maybe I should say to me: tmexxija needs to move sideways as clearly it has continued to impede the party’s capability to regain credibility, respect and trust. I am willing, actually I believe all of us are willing, to do sacrifices even on our political careers. You need to make one final decision as leader: decide your own path of how to move out of your role as leader but let it be a path in which you do not destroy the party and the country’s interests.

Keep in mind that I am writing all this knowing full well that the parliamentary group has been united in its work for several months and that yesterday despite our different personalities we all voiced the same advice. Despite the paranoia of division or maybe the thinking of ‘divide and conquer’, the parliamentary group has showed you for a number of months that it can unite after a cause. Yesterday, I understood our message to be that since we have now united after a cause we want a ‘tmexxija’ that can lead us to execute our work with credibility
and respect. This tmexxija unfortunately is not capable of doing that, even if each one of you is very capable of doing other things and of taking on other roles.

I ask you therefore to reconsider the hastened decision you informed the media of yesterday.