PN says news of possible second interconnector vindicates party's energy strategy

The Nationalist Party reacts to news that Enemalta was considering installing a second interconnector, saying it had called for this in its strategy document, published in February

The Nationalist Party has welcomed news that Enemalta might be considering the installation of a second interconnector between Malta and Sicily as a source for the supply of energy.

Ryan Callus, PN spokesperson for energy, said that in its strategy document launched in February, the party had already identified a second interconnector among a number of actions that need to be implemented immediately, definitely within the next 10 years.

The PN said that, despite any partisan explanation the Labour government can come up with, the interconnector was the result of the PN’s policies.

“The interconnector gave us the cheapest energy prices at certain times of the day and its full use has only been limited by the Government’s decision to bind us with an 18-year take-or-pay agreement on 80% of energy generated by Electrogas,” Callus said.

He said this was also confirmed in a report on the Electrogas contract by the Auditor General, who found that on a period of six months, the interconnector had not been utilised as necessary in the national interests. The AG had concluded that the country had ended up paying an additional €10 million because of the contract with Electrogas, despite the interconnector being cheaper.

He encouraged Enemalta to carry out all studies necessary to see this project through and noted that experts agreed Malta would be best served if a second interconnector was linked to a second suitable source, reducing the risks of losing connection to both interconnectors at the same time.

Callus said that the decision on a second interconnector proved that the PN’s energy strategy was the only alternative able to ensure sustainable bills and clean air.