Kerosene-contaminated water escapes into Ħal Farruġ public road

Water contaminated with kerosene escapes out of the airport zone into a public road in the Ħal Farruġ area • Spokesperson says heavy traffic not related to incident

File Photo
File Photo

A rain water treatment plant within the fuel storage facility at the Malta International Airport was the source of a fuel leak, Enemed have said.

After Enemed personnel noticed the leak, all necessary measures were taken to stop it.

“Water contaminated with kerosene escaped out of the airport zone into a public road in the Ħal Farruġ area,” a spokesperson said. “The cleaning process was initiated within the restricted zone inside the airport.”

The issue was reported to the Civil Protection Department (CPD) who immediately went on site and closed the road for traffic.

A number of people have reported heavy traffic in the area, but the spokesperson denied it was related to the incident.

“The traffic mentioned is not related to the road closure, it is in the opposite direction,” she said.

Enemed cooperated with the CPD by sending the necessary material and equipment so the contaminated water could be collected.