PM open to mechanism that will prevent abusing legal amendment on abortion

Prime Minister Robert Abela stands by the amendment to the Criminal Code allowing abortions when a mother’s life or health is in grave danger

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela said he is open to consider introducing a mechanism to prevent abusing a legal amendment that will allow for abortions under strict circumstances.

Abela addressed this during a political activity in Valletta over the weekend.

He emphasised that the proposed amendment, which would allow for the termination of pregnancies in cases where the mother's life or health are in grave danger, is not a covert attempt to legalise abortion, but rather an effort to provide support for families who have been affected by difficult and tragic situations.

Abela urged the public not to be swayed by fear-mongering and misinformation being spread by the opposition.

He also made clear that existing laws prohibiting abortion would remain in place and that the amendment would not permit arbitrary late-term abortions.

Moreover, the bill would clearly state that in cases where the fetus is viable, it must be delivered.

He acknowledged concerns of potential abuse of the amendment, and assured that the government is open to feedback and is considering ways to prevent misuse.

The Prime Minister also warned businesses against taking advantage of the current global economic climate to unjustly inflate prices and burden consumers further.

He stated that the government has been successful in curtailing inflation through measures such as freezing energy prices.

However, he acknowledged that some price increases are due to external factors such as global inflation.

He also highlighted the government's plan to invest €50 million in rejuvenating a section of Victoria, Gozo.

The project includes the redevelopment of the main parking facilities, turning them into underground structures and transforming the surface into an open green space.

Furthermore, he announced that a scheme to provide a €10,000 grant to first-time homebuyers, which was announced in the budget, will be implemented in the coming months and will be applied retrospectively to those who took out a property loan since January 2022.