'PN influential, even from opposition' - Busuttil

Opposition leader praises PN-majority Mosta local council for completing 18 roads, critcises PL-majority St Paul's Bay local council for leaving town in 'a disastrous state'

Simon Busuttil and Chris Said. Photo: Chris Mangion
Simon Busuttil and Chris Said. Photo: Chris Mangion

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil this evening reiterated that the PN was achieving results, despite being in opposition.

The theme chosen for the local council elections by the PN is 'Making a Difference' (Naghmlu Differenza). The PN leader said it was only thanks to the opposition that this year's council elections were taking place.

"If it weren't for the Opposition, the truth in the shooting incident involving the former driver of minister Manuel Mallia would have never come out. Mallia was the strongest minister, and we forced him to resign," he said.

He said that a PN majority in the Mosta local council had resulted in the completion of 18 roads and three gardens among other embellishment works.

"The difference in Mosta is clear, compared to the state of disarray the locality was left in under a Labour majority," Busuttil said. He added that, contrary to Mosta, St Paul's Bay was in "a disastrous state" ever since Labour won the locality.

Busuttil said it was amusing that Labour leader Joseph Muscat described himself as the underdog in these elections.

Local council elections will take place in 34 localities, during which close half of the Maltese population will be casting their votes to elect their representatives at a local level. The Nationalist Party will be fielding 185 candidates, 80 of which are newly approved candidates. 25% of the candidates are women; 40% are youths.

"It will be a difficult election because there are 20 Labour majorities as opposed to the 14 PN majorities. This however doesn't stop us from presenting the best possible candidates," PN Secretary General Chris Said said, adding that the PN was presenting a mix of candidates.
The Secretary General said the PN would continue working so that the number of women taking active part in politics increases, while expressing satisfaction at the amount of youths taking part.

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