Updated | Ryanair flight in emergency landing at Malta International Airport

Ryanair flight requests emergency landing soon after taking off from Malta due to landing gear fault

Ryanair flight involved in Malta emergency landing
Ryanair flight involved in Malta emergency landing

A Ryanair flight landed safely at Malta International Airport this morning after seeking an emergency landing following a technical fault, Malta air traffic control said.

According to Malta Air Traffic Services the flight captain reported a problem with the aircraft's landing gear soon after departing Malta. The Ryanair flight left Malta at 7.36am and was headed towards Bristol in the UK.

The authorities said the aircraft was asked to circle over Gozo at a height of 6,000 feet to shed fuel as a precaution in preparation for an emergency landing. The aircraft landed safely at 9.10am.

In a statement Malta International Airport said the airport’s emergency response plan was triggered immediately as a precautionary measure.

Sources said the airport was not shut down but was put on high alert, with the police closing off a number of roads and ambulances and fire engines being put on standby. The aircraft landed normally.

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