Adrian Delia hails party volunteers: ‘People are coming back’

Despite the last four and half years, the PN leader said the Nationalist Party was still the only credible opposition to the current administration

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has described the party’s volunteers as a great source of encouragement, without who’s dedication the party could not function.

He said that every day, more and more people were coming back to the party because they had understood and gotten behind the PN’s message.

It was clear they wanted to be a party of the party’s journey, he said. “Their message is not only one of courage, but one of people wanting to take part.”

Speaking during a brief radio interview on Radio 101, Delia said that the PN’s fund raising marathon today was important for the party to collect funds for it function, but also to send a message.

“That Nationalist supporters are still there, they are still following the party and they are behind us in everything we do,” he said, adding that despite the last four and half years, the Nationalist Party was still the only serious opposition to the government.

Delia said he PN must now look forward to uniting and further strengthening itself.

The PN leader, who has been in his post since September, said that since taking charge of the party, he had gained a greater appreciation of the work done by its volunteers.

He stressed that people often forgot the work done by these people behind the scenes, insisting that today should also serve of a day during which the work of volunteers was highlighted and given the appreciation it deserved.

“Without the help of these people in every aspect, a party can’t function,” he said.

Tweeting after his interview, Delia said the PN had contacted over 6,000 people who had "lost contact with the party".

"This is an ongoing exercise to strengthen the party's new way," wrote Delia.

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