MAM says doctors affected by privatisation showed full support during strike

The Doctors' Union said that doctors in hospitals affected by ‘privitisation’ showed full support during yesterday’s strike

The Medical Association of Malta  this morning said that the hospitals affected by ‘privatisation’ showed full support during yesterday’s strike.

“In yesterday's industrial action, all doctors at  Gozo Health centres, Gozo General Hospital, Dermatology department at Boffa Hospital, Karen Grech Hospital, and Pscychiatry followed MAM directives giving a 100% response,” the union said in a statement.

“These are the hospitals currently affected by the proposed transfer to Steward Health care, and MAM thanks members for sending such a clear message of support.”

The strike was ordered in protest over the way the hospitals are being transferred from Vitals Healthcare to Steward Healthcare.

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The union said that all possible future privatizations including that of Mater Dei Hospital are governed by the same clause requiring 6 weeks of discussion.

“It is indeed a bad omen from the government side when it goes about these deals in a secretive way.”

MAM apologised for any inconvenience caused to patients, while also thanked those who understood the message they were giving.

The union also hoped that future decisions in health care would be taken in more transparent ways rather than behind the back of patients and health care professionals.

According the Mater Dei Hospital CEO Ivan Falzon, around 1,700 patients with appointments at the outpatients department were in some way affected by the industrial action yesterday. He said the situation at hospital was calm, with customer care officials on the ground to help patients.

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