Education ministry to investigate alleged precarious employment in schools

In a statement, the ministry said it would be investigated claims made in the local press on Sunday

The Education Ministry has said that it would be investigated claims of precarious employment in state schools.

“In light of an article in a newspaper where similar methods of precarious employment in schools were reported, the Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo will be asking for an evaluation of this work in stop any type of abuse that might be taking place,” read a statement by the ministry.

It added that it was not acceptable for workers to be employed under “abusive practices”, especially if an unlevel playing field is created between different workers at the same place of work.

The ministry said that any would be compensating any workers who might have been victimised by unfair contracts.

General Workers Union newspaper reported on Sunday that the manner in which cleaners in schools and colleges were being working under a form of precarious employment since the government’s outsourcing of cleaning services.

The paper reported that due to the fact that schools are used less in the summer months, cleaners were being asked to work reduced hours, with the consequence that their take home pay was significantly reduced.

According to the report, cleaners who, during the winter months were earning roughly €800 were now taking some €300 or €400.

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