There is more than one way to skin a cat…
David Agius reopens Egrant question with link to energy bill discrepancies
Joseph Muscat testifies in constitutional case to release Egrant report to Opposition
‘I believe I can fly...’
Raphael Vassallo
Speaker rules on Simon Busuttil’s Egrant claims
[WATCH] Adrian Delia 'will not speculate' on Egrant ownership but stops short of censuring Simon Busuttil
‘I still believe Joseph Muscat owns Egrant’ – Simon Busuttil
[WATCH] Updated | ‘Simon Busuttil is living in a parallel universe' - Prime Minister
FIAU’s action plan to EBA ignored in Brussels as Commissioner slammed agency
Opposition leader’s role on Egrant inquiry ‘stultified’ by Attorney General
PN leader accuses Attorney General of obstructing witnesses from testifying in Egrant report case
Opposition entitled to full scrutiny of Egrant inquiry, Delia tells court
Nexia partner Karl Cini called in for police questioning on Egrant
Another Egrant in the making
Raphael Vassallo
When migrants are sinking, the decision has to be made: should they die or be saved? - Muscat
Court agrees that Egrant report request is 'matter of urgency'
Updated | Police deny ‘threatening’ Jonathan Ferris with arrest when he told them his lawyer was abroad
Labour MEP Alfred Sant points accusatory finger at Church over silence on Egrant affair
Update 2 | Former FIAU investigator Jonathan Ferris summoned for police questioning
After Egrant… a lesson to be learnt
Michael Briguglio
Midnight in the garden of good and evil
MaltaToday Survey | Egrant: The PN gamble that went wrong
Next budget to include more income tax refunds – Muscat
MaltaToday Survey | How Egrant turned into the mother of all miscalculations
Pilatus lambasts Efimova as ‘politically motivated Russian informant’
[WATCH] Michelle Muscat after Egrant: No political ambitions but thirsting for justice
When a newsroom gets it wrong, the public deserves an apology
Egrant inquiry cost €1.3 million, possibly most expensive in history
Egrant | Simon Busuttil and Pierre Portelli unlikely to face criminal action
A house divided
The one million dollars for Egrant that never existed
Rushing recklessly to judgement
Michael Falzon
Jonathan Ferris fed magistrate line that Egrant was Labour’s electoral fund
The Egrant fall-out has  affected both parties
Macbeth, the Lady, and the witches
Saviour Balzan
Attorney General is allowing political imbalance, Delia insists
[WATCH] Muscat wants Egrant inquiry to be released, even if AG does not agree
Dark times for democracy, indeed
Labour says Simon Busuttil used Egrant lie to undermine EU presidency, economic prosperity
[WATCH] PN has to admit it was wrong on Egrant, says leader Adrian Delia

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