Maltese businessman arrested in Libya

A Maltese man was arrested in Labrak upon his arrival at the airport

A Maltese businessman was arrested in Libya upon his arrival at the Labrak airport, the Maltese government has said, confirming reports which appeared in the media.

In a statement, the government said it had been following the case for a number of days. The information it received came through different sources and confirm that the Maltese citizen was being kept under arrest.

“The government is in continuous contact with the family of the individual,” it said.

The government added that the man could have been arrested together with another person, “not necessarily Maltese”.

The government went on to say that the man had travelled to Libya despite advices issued against travelling to the North African country.

“The government calls for caution for a positive resolution of the case.” 

The Times of Malta said that the man was “caught up in the controversy between the country’s rival governments over the recognition of visas”.

It also said that the man, travelling with a visa issued by the Tripoli administration, was under arrest in an area controlled by the internationally recognised government of Tobruk.

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