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Health 13:04

Doctors had criticised mother’s decision to have fertilised eggs implanted

Food 22-05

Watch Sean Gravina make a simple dish of Mediterranean shellfish topped with salsa verde for a perfect spring recipe. 

Food 22-05

Watch Sean Gravina make delicious chocolate truffles, flavoured with unlikely partners, rosemary and bay leaves. 

Food 22-05

Watch Pippa Mattei make a traditional favourite. Maltese fish soup, better known as aljotta

Food 22-05

In the heat of summer when basil is abundant, make Pippa Mattei’s simple pesto in large quantities and freeze it for the winter. 

Environment 22-05

Department of Works and Infrastructure of the Transport Ministry is implementing a number of measures to clean up the area known as il- Maghluq in Marsascala

Health 21-05

The Breast Cancer Research Group recently identified a marker in cells that controls the growth of blood cells.

Health 21-05

Daikin ALIVE2015 Cycling Challenge for Cancer, which is currently raising funds for the gold ribbon, the official ribbon of children with cancer, organised an educational talk for its cyclists and back-up staff. 

Property 21-05

Tribunal ‘sympathised’ with objectors, but said a balance has to be reached between business and pedestrians

Environment 20-05

The silver cheeked toadfish was caught in Maltese waters last summer, highlighting a growing problem caused by climate change

Environment 20-05

Church environment commission calls for caution over siting of university in countryside

Travel 20-05

European Commission and the European Environment Agency’s annual bathing quality report shows that 95% of monitored bathing sites in 2014 met minimum standards for water quality

Food 20-05

Although bread has been a staple of many a Maltese kitchen, historian Noel Buttigieg, whose research focuses on bread distribution and production in the 18th century, tells TEODOR RELJIC that its form, and the way it reached people, was hardly ever a static affair

Food 19-05

Answer the below question correctly to win

Travel 18-05

Total nights spent by outbound tourists decreased by 7.7%, reaching 552,212 nights.

Environment 18-05

I’m finding it very difficult to hold a conversation with those who are reading from the Muscat Handbook on ‘What to Say to Those who are Against Zonqor’ without blowing my top.

Health 17-05

Malta spends €56.9 million in state-financed beds for the elderly, up from €43 million back in 2011 and faces a waiting list of 2,100 people seeking long-term care because of the absence of community alternatives.

Food 15-05

Watch Pippa Mattei give a traditional carbonara a twist, by substituting the bacon for asparagus. 

Food 15-05

Watch Pippa Mattei make a classic dish of steamed asparagus with a buttery hollandaise sauce, perfect for an indulgent starter or a lighter dinner. 

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