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Restaurants 20-10

If you’re looking for something to eat in Valletta you are spoilt for choice with so many eateries offering food from all over the world. If you’re looking for pasta, however, Pastaus has to your first choice offering fresh pasta, made in-house, with a selection of Italian sauces. Flour used for the pasta is totally organic, with gluten-free options including buckwheat and hemp seed among others. AMY MICALLEF DECESARE has no problems testing this place out

Eat food truck | Smoked meat worth your lunch money
Restaurants 20-10

Smoked meat is all the rage these days, with slow cooked hunks of meat showing up on many restarurant menus and some restaurants even specialising in the meaty morsels. Eat, a humble food truck in Mosta, does just this

The Native | Ines Bahr shows us around Havana
Travel 20-10

Travelling is always risky business – get stuck in a touristy area and your meals are terrible as is the rest of your stay. Ines Bahr shows us how to travel around Havana like a native.

Fresh ingredients and interesting flavour combinations at La Superba
Restaurants 18-10

New restaurants are a dime a dozen at the moment with new places opening up all the time. This leaves diners spoilt for choice but a new problem that diners now face is choosing the right restaurant. Fresh ingredients are paramount and interesting flavour combinations come in at a close second. RACHEL ZAMMIT CUTAJAR is happy that La Superba ticks both boxes

Sharing is caring at the newly opened Yugto in Valletta
Restaurants 17-10

There was a time when Asian food meant oily Chinese with bright red sweet and sour pork and equally bright lemon chicken. Thankfully that has changed and we are seeing more variety (and better quality) Asian establishments opening their doors. Yugto is the latest edition, with healthier Asian dishes that favour steaming over frying and mixing flavours and textures. AMY MICALLEF DECESARE gets a sneak peek. 

Three recipes to spice up your pie game
Food 17-10

While everyone loves a good apple pie, there are plenty of other fruits that make for great sweet pies.

Flaky shortcrust pastry
Food 17-10

Whether you're making a sweet or savoury pie, homemade shortcrust pastry always trumps the ones you get at the supermarket. It is super easy to prepare too.

Pumpkin pie
Food 17-10

Most recipes for pumpkin pie on the internet use tinned pumpkin. Using fresh pumpkin is easy and better for your body.

Cherry pie
Food 17-10

Cherries in Malta are pretty expensive and the season is short. This pie is best made with fresh cherries, though it works well with the frozen variety available in supermarkets.

Apple and caramel pie
Food 17-10

Jazz up your regular apple pie with a bit of caramel for a sweet, sticky variation

The ruckus on IVF leave is complex. So are the PN’s reasons
Health 17-10

New regulations introduced last June allowed people undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment to claim 100 hours of leave. The Nationalist Party is now objecting to the wording of the law. Kurt Sansone tries to understand why

Over 250,000 will fall ill due to flu season, minister warns
Health 15-10

The Health Department is stocking up on some 100,000 flu vaccines in a bid to get at least 85,000 people jabbed

Into the mouth of the volcano of Mount Batur in Bali
Travel 13-10

Mount Batur and the lake inside it is a place that one must visit and preferably stay one or two nights. 

Get your copy of Gourmet Today, out this Sunday with MaltaToday
Food 13-10

The autumn edition of Gourmet Today is out this Sunday, free with your copy of MaltaToday

Patients at rundown Mount Carmel hospital ward moved to ‘new’ ward
Health 09-10

Female patients who were living in 'inhumane' conditions were transferred, with plans to close down ward 8, Health Minister Chris Fearne has confirmed

Decline in Maltese teen pregnancies enters eighth year
Health 07-10

Malta may have reversed a worrying trend of teen pregnancies, but experts are not yet sure this is just down to sexual education campaigns

Urgent appeal for O positive blood donors
Health 06-10

'The storm over the past days resulted in a lack of blood donations that has affected the O positive reserves', said the service

Azure Watch: against standardisation
Travel 06-10

The ‘Azure Watch’ project sought to find an alternative – and hopefully, more sensitive and truthful – ways of commemorating Gozo’s Azure Window

The Maltese motorcycle diaries – The road to Thac Ban Gioc
Travel 06-10

Almost 300km from Hanoi in Vietnam lie the waterfalls of Ban Gioc, which straddles the international borders between China and Vietnam, offering some of southeast Asia’s most scenic views

Archbishop Charles Scicluna celebrates mass at Bidnija in remembrance of Daphne Caruana Galizia
Adrian Delia entering urgent parliamentary group meeting at PN HQ
Simon Busuttil on his way in to parliamentary group meeting
PN MPs on Delia's absence from the demonstration
Protestors calling on Lawrence Cutajar to resign as Police Commissioner
Thousands attend demonstration in wake of Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder