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Food 12:34

This recipe originated in Nice in the South of France and combines caramelised onions with olives, garlic and anchovies. Michael Diacono prepares this delicious tart using puff pastry. 

Food 12:34

This brightly-coloured sauce makes a delicious addition to any meat dish. Try Michael Diacono’s recipe with a grilled rib-eye steak. 

Food 12:33

Michael Diacono’s comforting pasta dish combines simple pantry ingredients to make a delicious meal on those nights you come home without a plan. 

Environment 25-11

6.3% of tax revenues came from environmental taxes in the EU in 2013, energy biggest contributor

Environment 24-11

Friends of the Earth Malta, UK urge Commonwealth leaders to tackle decline in bee populations at CHOGM summit

Travel 24-11

Latest US travel warning made no mention of Malta, which like all Schengen zone countries on the EU’s borders is considered as a ‘staging point for terrorists’ in Washington’s eyes

Food 24-11

When ingested in seafood in large quantities, mercury can pose a threat to human health, especially to the development of the child in the womb and early in life.

Environment 23-11

The newly identified Important Bird Area (IBA) sites in Maltese waters are now being considered for declaration as ‘Marine Special Protection Areas’ by the Maltese government

Food 20-11

This interesting appetizer is really easy to make. Sean Gravina uses cauliflower and Parmesan to make a bake that is sure to impress your guests. 

Food 20-11

This cauliflower soup is a real winter warmer. Sean Gravina pairs local cauliflower with mature cheddar cheese and tops the soup with crispy fried capers and a sprinkle of paprika. 

Food 20-11

Making school lunch is always a bit of a dilemma. Do you send you children to school with something healthy or something they will actually eat? Sean Gravina makes an olive tepanade that is tasty and fun to dip carrot sticks into. 

Health 20-11

In 2014, 74 people were admitted to Mater Dei hospital with non-fatal overdoses resulting from prescription pills, compared to 21 illicit drug users, which might lead one to wonder about the dangers of prescription medication

Property 19-11

The Opportunity Gateways study shows that citizenship is one of the reasons why the ultra-rich purchase homes abroad and highlights Malta’s programme as an excellent long-term investment.

Property 19-11

GAP Holdings have stepped in to propose the construction of 152 apartments over part of Ta’ Masrija in Mellieha.

Travel 18-11

Newly-delivered Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft feature industry’s largest screens and three times the media storage

Environment 18-11

No studies have so far been conducted on the chemical and physical impact of Malta’s underwater Maghtab – the place where massive amounts of construction waste are dumped on the seabed in an identified area off Xghajra.

Environment 18-11

Several whale and dolphin species inhabit the Mediterranean but the larger cetaceans are rarely seen around Malta

Food 17-11

Are your salami days counted? Has your supermarket trolley sped past the delicatessen counter? JAMES DEBONO polled the public on its reaction to the WHO warning on processed meat and its carinogenic effects.


Food 13-11

Salads can be as interesting as you make them. Say goodbye to boring old lettuce and tomatoes as Michael Diacono makes a great salad with oranges, mozzarella di bufala and crispy fried capers. No lettuce and tomatoes in sight!

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