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Travel 16:19

Three Air Malta flights disrupted due to technical hitch on-board one of its aircraft

Environment 15:13

Film contains footage of Marsh Harriers with severe shotgun injuries and a shot Swift found by a CABS team near Safi.

Environment 09:56

WATCH the third instalment of BBC's Springwatch presenter Chris Packham's video documentary of Malta's spring hunting season, as campers are moved out of a public space because of hunters occupying the area.

Environment 23-04

Disastrous public relations choices of hunters’ lobby continues, this time by dubbing TV personality as a “mental case”

Food 23-04

Gozitan mother and her two sons convicted of selling Sicilian honey under the pretence that it was traditionally produced in Malta

Environment 23-04

Now that you are dead, how do you wish to be disposed of? MEPA has a few new, novel answers

Environment 23-04

Episode 2 from BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham's video documentary on Malta and its spring hunting season

Environment 23-04

Alternatives to burial being proposed in new consultation document on design of cemeteries

Environment 22-04

Save Wied Garnaw Action Group collecs 2,400 signatures in a record two weeks’ time.

Travel 22-04

Cruise liner passengers were mainly women, aged 60-79

Environment 22-04

Hunters filmed shooting more than the bag limit, not sending SMSs, CABS say • Ministry issues third enforcement report

Environment 22-04

Episode 1 of BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham’s video diary in Malta

Health 22-04

Cardiac-registered nurse presents Mater Dei survey findings of patients who refuse to kick smoking habit or take up exercise

Environment 21-04

Labour-led Luqa council opposed to ODZ development in vicinity of the Wied Garnaw valley

Environment 21-04

BirdLife say they have recording in which arresting officers tells Maltese BirdLife member ‘you are all faggots’

Environment 21-04

Malta Humanist Association say Gaia Foundation’s claims of weather-altering contrails are conspiratorial

Fashion 21-04

She's the girl 'for' Ipanema... Ira Losco seals endorsement contract for Ipanema footwear.

Environment 21-04

‘If spring hunting had to be banned in Malta, by way of a referendum, I will absolutely use it as a precedent to urge British MPs to follow the same path’ – Bill Oddie

Environment 20-04

Archaeological Society says recommendations by Heritage Advisory Committee remain unheeded.

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