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Environment 10:49

The policy allows brand new petrol stations (not re-located ones) to be developed on 3,000 square meter sites in ODZ areas adjacent and opposite sites designated for industrial or storage use or as areas of containment and the re-location of existing petrol stations in urban areas to ODZ rural areas.

Environment 05-10

Government decides to ban the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Environment 04-10

Gozo police investigating report that two poachers had allegedly shot down a white stork at close range before fleeing off with their kill. 

Environment 03-10

53 proposals for green-led economic growth

Environment 02-10

A flock of young white storks (Cikonja Bajda) from a Swedish reintroduction programme is currently being guarded by BirdLife Malta.

Food 02-10

On the first episode of Gourmet Today TV’s second season, Sean Gravina uses a typical Maltese fruit, the prickly pear. Here he makes a tostada with prawns, endives and prickly pears.

Food 02-10

On the first episode of Gourmet Today TV’s second season, Sean Gravina uses a typical Maltese fruit, the prickly pear. He uses the prickly pear to make a jam-like syrup flavoured with star anise as an easy dessert that can be prepared early to be sure your dinner parties run smoothly.

Environment 02-10

Simone Mizzi elected to executive board of the International National Trusts Organisation 

Environment 02-10

The Front reiterated its stance that a call for expression of interest should not have been issued in the absence of studies on the environmental sustainability of such a huge project

Environment 01-10

Part of a captive breeding programme, the juvenile Egyptian Vulture continued on his migration without any attempts on his life

Health 01-10

Maltese researchers Professor Angela Xuereb and Dr Melissa Formosa among researchers that discovered the genetic cause

Health 30-09

Justyne Caruana launches 39 national minimum standards that all old people's homes will have to abide by within the next ten years 

Food 30-09

Environment 30-09

“The times of the big massacres are over. We now have to deal with the criminals who still think that they are above the law,” CABS president Heinz Schwarze 

Environment 30-09

Front Ħarsien ODZ wants clear conditions in a call for expression of interest on a motor racetrack to exclude land outside development zones

Food 30-09

Environmental Health Directorate has withdrawn baked snacks Say Bacon and Chimpeys because of undeclared gluten

Travel 30-09

This majestic open air, citywide museum is only a short flight away and is the perfect destination for both whistle-stop weekend breaks or long, leisurely sojourns in the Eternal City.

Fashion 30-09

Luxury designer Ralph Lauren resigns as company boss but is expected to stay on as chief designer

Television 30-09

House of Cards, the Golden Globe winning political drama starring Kevin Spacey, comes to GO Stars HD this October, Slithering behind the curtain of power, sex, ambition, love, greed and corruption in modern Washington D.C, House of Cards premieres at 9.00pm with double bill episodes on 5 October, and provides an uncompromising exploration of power, ambition and the American way, orbiting Francis Underwood, the House Majority Whip and his equally ambitious wife Claire. 

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