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Get your copy of Gourmet Today, out this Sunday with MaltaToday
Food 23-06

The June issue of Gourmet Today is out this Sunday, free with MaltaToday.

Mediterranean roasted veg
Food 23-06

This Mediterranean dish is a summer staple. It can be served as an anitpasto, a side for fish or meat or as a meal in itself served with warm Maltese bread. Michael Diacono shares his recipe.

Safaris and more at Samburu, Kenya
Travel 23-06

Samburu is home to diverse wildlife and this is where you can find the big five, something that is not easy to find in one place in parks across Africa

New bladder cancer drug on government formulary
Health 22-06

Around 300 cancer patients a year are expected to benefit from the new treatment, health minister says 

Local research on response to medicine cited in reputable scientific journal
Health 22-06

Research by a local scientist studying the influence of genetics in patients’ responses to medicine has been cited by a reputable journal

[WATCH] Braised rabbit with prunes
Food 20-06

Long days at work make us crave a home cooked meal. This braised rabbit with prunes hits the spot

Child Commissioner urges for caution in summer months
Health 19-06

The Commissioner for Children has called on all those responsible for children to take the necessary precautions to protect them from sunburn and accidents

Breeders, pet owners urged against taking unvaccinated rabbits to l-Imnarja
Health 16-06

Local rabbit breeders and pet owners urged to protect their stock from an uncommonly strong strain of the Viral Hemorrhagic Disease – a virus that only infects rabbits

Marseille, the French Riviera’s most underrated destination
Travel 16-06

A cultural melting pot, Marseille is a colourful city you may not fall in love with the first time around

24% of Maltese started smoking before 15
Health 15-06

The Maltese are the second most likely in Europe after the Danes to have started smoking before they were 15

[WATCH] Traditional Maltese rabbit in garlic and wine
Food 13-06

Everyone loves a good fenkata

Keeping up bingeing tradition: Maltese teens tend to drink more than Europeans
Health 12-06

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction’s annual report on Malta finds that fewer people are using heroin, while the number of cocaine users continues to rise

Brain in buerre noisette
Food 10-06

Nose-to tail eating is trending almost as fast as farm to table. Michael Diacono makes a simple recipe using lamb brains.

Penne with chicken livers and sage
Food 10-06

Chicken livers add depth of flavour to this pasta dish. Michael Diacono uses gluten-free pasta to accommodate friends with allergies.

Lamb brain fritters with egg salad
Food 10-06

Nose-to-tail cooking is making a comeback with dishes featuring offal becoming more and more popular. This is a dish Michael Diacono remembers from his childhood.

[WATCH] Lamb Rogan Josh
Food 09-06

Rogan Josh is a staple Kashmiri dish made from chunks of meat, usually lamb, braised in onions, garlic, ginger and aromatic spices. 

Discovering Indonesia’s Islands
Travel 09-06

Nusa Penida holds some of the most pristine beaches you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the region

Patient organisations call for national pain plan
Health 08-06

Patient organisation have called on the government to adopt by 2020 nine policy recommendations as part of a proposed national pain plan aimed at addressing the issue of chronic pain

Health Minister Chris Fearne on medicinal cannabis
President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca on children's policy