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OLAF director Giovanni Kessler loses interim challenge on immunity in Dalligate investigation
Dalligate 02-08

General Court refuses request by OLAF director to suspend Commission decision lifting his immunity for Dalligate investigation pending ongoing case on challenge to immunity decision

Court to rule on whether lengthy pre-trial breached Silvio Zammit's rights
Court & Police 21-07

Magistrate upheld Silvio Zammit’s request to refer to a Constitutional Court the possible breach of...
OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler fights immunity removal over Dalligate
Dalligate 07-06

Giovanni Kessler, director-general of the EU anti-fraud office (OLAF) files complaint in the General Court of ...
Dalli loses unfair dismissal appeal in EU court
Dalligate 14-04

Former commissioner’s unfair dismissal claim confirmed by European Court of Justice to have been inadmis...
Dalligate suspect files Belgian criminal complaint
Dalligate 15-03

Silvio Zammit, who stands charged with soliciting bribes, wants snus lobbyist investigated over illegal phone ...
Updated | OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler ousted in backroom move
Dalligate 09-03

Media reports say that the European Commission College has lifted the immunity of EU Anti-fraud Office (OLAF) ...
Brussels’ breached tobacco transparency rules by not publishing lobbyist meetings
Dalligate 06-10

Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly urges Commission to publish details of all meetings with tobacco lobbyists onli...
John Dalli appeals EU court decision on ‘unfair’ dismissal claim
Dalligate 27-07

Former European Commissioner files appeal, 'as his right', against EU court decision to reject hi...
Former Swedish Match director testifies in bribery case
Court & Police 26-06

ESTOC secretary-general Inge Delfosse chooses not to testify in Silvio Zammit charges  
Dalli loses claim against dismissal from European Commission
National 12-05

Former European Commissioner had accused EC of dimissing him unfairly, and filed claim in General Court of the...
OLAF investigated over illegal wiretapping during Dalli investigation
National 10-05

Supervisory committee investigating EU anti-fraud agency OLAF over claims that it carried out illegal tapping ...
Dalli’s diatribe against PN leader ‘figment of his imagination’ says Busuttil
Dalligate 28-03

Opposition leader says John Dalli’s claims that has friendship with OLAF director Giovanni Kessler &lsqu...
Dalli insists OLAF report a ‘fraud’ in reaction to Kessler interview
Dalligate 22-03

Giovanni Kessler taunts former European Commissioner with suggestion that Dalli has never taken to task Silvio...
Kessler: ‘Dalli wanted to lift snus ban’, Dalli accuses OLAF chief of perjury
Dalligate 18-03

OLAF chief describes Silvio Zammit as the ‘golden key’ to Dalli
Updated | No show for Kessler as EC turns down privileges committee request
National 17-03

John Dalli requests Speaker's permission to confront Giovanni Kessler during Privileges Committee
Updated | Dalli accuses OLAF chief of perjury, files complaint with Police Commissioner
Court & Police 17-03

Former European Commissioner ‘following Kessler testimony with disgust at manipulation of facts’