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Green MEP says OLAF ‘messed up completely’ in Dalligate investigation
Dalligate 30-05

Belgian judicial authorities inquiry opened after complaint filed by John Dalli against Swedish Match.
OLAF chief faces MEPs’ backlash in Dalligate hearing today
Dalligate 29-05

Inge Graessle MEP: Kessler breach confidentiality, EU rules, and defamed reputation of Maltese commissioner Jo...
‘OLAF critics can take accusations to EU court’ – Kessler on Dalligate
Dalligate 29-05

OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler says his accusers can take human rights violations to EU court
Maltese greens: ‘Barroso, Kessler, Day must answer for their misdeeds’
Dalligate 29-05

Alternattiva Demokratika says scandalous evidence of human rights violations and breach of laws means John Dal...
‘Kimberley did not tell Dalli she was in Swedish Match’s employ’
Dalligate 28-05

Mediatoday managing editor says OLAF ignored Gayle Kimberley’s own admission to Swedish Match that she did n...
EU health director told OLAF Dalli supported ban on snus
Dalligate 28-05

Missing interview with health director in OLAF report is published by Brussels newspaper.
140 questions for Barroso and Kessler
Dalligate 24-05

The parliament’s budgetary control committee prepares 140 questions for OLAF director Giovanni Kessler and C...
Dalligate | Two missing pages from OLAF report revealed
Dalligate 23-05

The two missing pages from the OLAF report on events that led to resignation of former EU Commissioner John Da...
Malta’s reputation smeared, Barroso must explain – Cassola on Dalli dismissal
Dalligate 15-05

Alternattiva Demokratika says EC president should attend parliamentary hearing on Dalligate
Surprising allies: from the Dreyfus affair to Dalligate
Interview 15-05

James Debono meets Jose Bove, the iconic Green politician known for his militancy against multinational chains...
The Dalligate boomerang returns to Barroso
Dalligate 14-05

MaltaToday’s leaks of the OLAF report and the Supervisory Committee’s evaluation of the Dalli investigatio...
Were ‘EU funds’ a ruse for Kessler to bypass OLAF rules?
Dalligate 13-05

OLAF’s watchdog says the Dalli investigation was conducted on some irregular lines: if you can take the lega...
Transparency groups tell Barroso to remove Swedish Match lobbyist on ethics committee
Dalligate 08-05

European Ombudsman investigating Michel Petite’s reappointment to ethics committee.
Dalligate | OLAF contrived funds’ allegations to interview Zammit in Malta
Dalligate 07-05

Supervisory Committee report questions legality of methods used by OLAF as a pretext to come to Malta and inte...
MEPs: Barroso has to answer for damning OLAF investigation
Dalligate 07-05

Green MEPs Jose Bove and Bart Staes – ‘Malta’s honour is at stake on Dalligate’