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Updated | Kesslergate: Secret chats revealed
Dalligate 19-06

Passages of online chat and email exchanges given to John Rizzo in November and December 2012 but the former c...
Barroso owes European Parliament an explanation - AD
Dalligate 17-06

In a letter to European Parliament president Martin Schultz, Alternattiva Demokratika's Arnold Cassola asks fo...
Police Commissioner criticises OLAF chief's handling of Dalli case
National 14-06

Police Commissioner Peter Paul Zammit says he would have risked being kicked out of office had he acted in the...
Silvio Zammit wants his case re-examined
Court & Police 14-06

Silvio Zammit, accused of attempting to influence John Dalli ahead of a major revision of the Tobacco Products...
OLAF investigative action ‘matter for courts not political institutions’ – Commission
National 13-06

European Commission ‘under duty’ to refrain from commenting on legality of OLAF’s investigative action.
DALLIGATE: the unambiguous circumstantial evidence
Interview 12-06

An emotional John Dalli believes there is “unambiguous circumstantial evidence” that the OLAF report was a...
[WATCH] OLAF report ‘based on a lie’ - John Dalli
Dalligate 12-06

Former European Commissioner John Dalli says OLAF report which led to his resignation was based on a lie.
AD urges Muscat to ‘ensure Council brings Barroso and OLAF to order’
Dalligate 11-06

Alternattiva Demokratika says European Commission President José Manuel Barroso completely ‘ignored’ Poli...
Updated | EPP calls on European Commission to ‘force’ Kessler resignation
National 11-06

European People's Party Group in the European Parliament welcomes news that there is no case against former Co...
No case against John Dalli - Police Commissioner and Attorney General
Dalligate 10-06

OLAF report not based on the requisites of the law - Commissioner of Police.
John Dalli welcomes ‘closure of malevolent and defamatory case’
Dalligate 10-06

Former EU commissioner to proceed with defamation case against Swedish Match and ECJ action to annul Barroso d...
AD questions ‘silence’ of Maltese MEPs on Dalligate
Dalligate 10-06

News of no criminal case against John Dalli welcomed by Alternattiva Demokratika.
No case against Dalli ‘doesn't change’ Commission’s position
Dalligate 10-06

European Commission reiterates John Dalli’s position as Commissioner was no longer ‘tenable’.
PN break silence on Dalligate
Dalligate 10-06

Nationalist Party issues curt statement ‘noting’ there’s no criminal case against John Dalli; says it al...
Barroso should restore Dalli’s integrity - Green MEPs
National 09-06

José Bové and Bart Staes call for Kessler’s resignation and demand that Baroso restores Dalli’s image.