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Dalli insists OLAF report a ‘fraud’ in reaction to Kessler interview
Dalligate 22-03

Giovanni Kessler taunts former European Commissioner with suggestion that Dalli has never taken to task Silvio...
Kessler: ‘Dalli wanted to lift snus ban’, Dalli accuses OLAF chief of perjury
Dalligate 18-03

OLAF chief describes Silvio Zammit as the ‘golden key’ to Dalli
Updated | No show for Kessler as EC turns down privileges committee request
National 17-03

John Dalli requests Speaker's permission to confront Giovanni Kessler during Privileges Committee
Updated | Dalli accuses OLAF chief of perjury, files complaint with Police Commissioner
Court & Police 17-03

Former European Commissioner ‘following Kessler testimony with disgust at manipulation of facts’
[WATCH] ‘Dalli aides said commissioner proposed lifting snus ban’ – Kessler
Dalligate 17-03

[LIVE BLOG] OLAF director-general Giovanni Kessler says testimony of two Cabinet officials made during OLAF in...
OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler set to testify in Zammit bribery case
Court & Police 14-03

OLAF chief director-general Giovanni Kessler, accompanied by his team, is expected to take the witness stand i...
Questions for Kessler show Dalligate far from ‘case closed’
Dalligate 10-03

MEPs declare war on Big Tobacco with new cross-party working group
Professional secrecy stops Attorney General from answering all questions
Dalligate 11-02

Government objects to Attorney General testifying before Privileges Committee in Dalli case
Unverified Dalligate email over Swedish Match offer revealed
Dalligate 17-11

Police yet to present email in court • Lawyer for Gayle Kimberley claims it’s false
Dalligate, two years later…
Dalligate 21-10

Former European Commissioner John Dalli is still determined to piece together the circumstances which – ...
Updated | John Dalli, Simon Busuttil in verbal tussle over apology request
Dalligate 16-10

John Dalli threatens legal action against leader of the Nationalist Party, Simon Busuttil • Busuttil says...
OLAF chief Kessler does not testify in Zammit bribery case
Court & Police 16-10

OLAF chief director-general Giovanni Kessler ignores summons to testify in court by videoconference.
Rizzo wanted to arraign Dalli separately – former assistant commissioner
Dalligate 15-10

Former assistant commissioner Michael Cassar: ‘Final conviction only possible by arraigning Dalli and Za...
Dalligate – MEPs want transparency on EU-Olaf tobacco agreements
National 14-10

Ahead of Dalligate’s second anniversary, Green MEPs Bart Staes and José Bové dub the sacki...
Busuttil says he had no position on tobacco as MEP
National 14-10

Simon Busuttil listed as having shown views that were positive to the tobacco industry, according to tobacco l...