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Updated | Busuttil says police commissioner must resign, Zammit: Dalli investigation still open
Dalligate 27-09

‘It is clear that Peter Paul Zammit’s loyalty is to Labour Party and not towards the country’ – says P...
Rizzo wanted to press charges against John Dalli
Court & Police 26-09

Former police commissioner who investigate Dalligate unable to explain why he proceeded with a bribery charge ...
‘Not my fault if MEPs don’t pass tobacco directive’ – Borg
National 19-09

Tonio Borg confident that controversial anti-smoking law will survive October plenary vote but says his job is...
Silvio Zammit summoned to police HQ over possible re-examination of witnesses
Dalligate 02-09

Attention shifting to emails he received from Gayle Kimberley, originally believed by OLAF of being an accompl...
Lobbyist Gayle Kimberley’s emails to Silvio Zammit throw new light on Dalligate
Dalligate 24-07

Matthew Kimberley’s firm paid Silvio Zammit €3,540 after mailing him a list of services and Gayle K...
Privacy laws stop European Council from releasing information on Gayle Kimberley
Dalligate 15-07

Transparency group demands access to personal files for former EU Council lawyer turned lobbyist
Dalligate did not derail Tobacco Products Directive – Tonio Borg
Dalligate 03-07

‘Strong possibility’ that tobacco directive will be approved before MEP elections
MEPs approve new OLAF rules, Graessle calls on Kessler to explain illegal phone recordings
Dalligate 03-07

Anti-fraud European Commissioner welcomes vote in favour of new OLAF Regulation, which includes the strengthen...
Greens: Dalli has duty of full disclosure, ‘Malta’s reputation at stake’
National 02-07

Alternattiva Demokratika call on former commissioner to disclose reasons for Bahamas trip
Dalli offers power of attorney for MEPs to verify Bahamas denials
National 02-07

John Dalli writes to MEPs saying he is ready to give power of attorney for trusted individual to validate clai...
MEP says Bahamas story ‘further evidence of OLAF’s amateur investigation’
Dalligate 01-07

MEP leading criticism of OLAF says ‘Bahamas story’ cannot deviate from the fact that OLAF’s shortcomings...
Secret chats hint at conspiracy against John Dalli
National 25-06

Secret chats between OPM and European Commission representation in Malta officials from 2012 hint at conspirac...
Dalli deplores ‘false and libellous’ allegations by Busuttil
Dalligate 25-06

Former European Commissioner takes exception at allegations made by PN leader, and repeated by TV presenter de...
Silvio Zammit says police colluded with PN government in Dalli case
National 24-06

PN administration orchestrated police investigations against John Dalli, Silvio Zammit says.
OLAF chief denies involvement in ‘secret chats’, MaltaToday replies
Dalligate 21-06

OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler denies having engaged in correspondence of ‘secret chats’ surrounding the Dall...