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Dalli enquired over snus law amendments, claim EC employees • Former commissioner says OLAF showing ‘bad faith’
Dalligate 28-09

The witnesses are European Commission employees who were interviewed as part of a second probe into Dalli, rel...
Study identifies EU shift on tobacco control after massive lobbying
Dalligate 16-08

Study documents 'significant policy shift' in EU legislation in favour of the tobacco industry fo...
Updated | Dalli says Rizzo wanted to press charges despite ‘OLAF falsity’
Dalligate 31-07

OLAF director-general Giovanni Kessler asked to testify in privileges committee on 15 October
OLAF refusal to testify delaying Silvio Zammit compilation - defence
Court & Police 10-07

Sivlio Zammit’s lawyers insists court’s insistence to hear OLAF officials is resulting in unnecess...
Dalli accuses Busuttil of being ‘part of OLAF fraud’
Dalligate 10-07

Former European Commissioner in renewed criticism of Opposition leader’s statements in parliament
Dalli: Barroso knew OLAF report 'did not hold water'
Dalligate 09-07

John Dalli says European Commission president José Manuel Barroso refused to wait for scrutiny of ...
John Dalli seeking €1.9 million in damages
Dalligate 09-07

Former EU Commissioner John Dalli seeks €1.9 million in damages from commission
Dalli: Barroso made political decision based on fraud
Dalligate 08-07

In the second hearing of John Dalli's case of unfair dismissal against the European Commission, Dalli'...
[LIVE] Court hears submissions in unfair dismissal claim
Dalligate 08-07

Second day in final hearings for John Dalli claim of unfair dismissal being heard in the General Court of the ...
‘By not forcing me to sack him, Dalli accepted his voluntary resignation’ - Barroso
Dalligate 07-07

A media battle in one of the latest instalments of the Dalligate saga turns out to be one of José Barro...
Live-blog of Dalligate hearing in European Court of Justice
Dalligate 07-07

A media battle in one of the latest instalments of the Dalligate saga turns out to be one of José Barro...
Dalligate: A tale of incongruities (and confusion)
Dalligate 07-07

When the police under Commissioner John Rizzo failed to charge John Dalli on bribery in the beginning of 2013,...
Dalli opens broadside against PN: Busuttil and Kessler ‘in bed together’
National 06-07

John Dalli has accused his former party, the PN, and Giovanni Kessler, director general of the EU’s anti...
Green MEPs say Barroso must answer over tobacco lobby contacts
Dalligate 04-07

Ahead of testimony in European Court of Justice, MEPs say Dalli-Barroso encounter is semi-final in ‘tran...
‘Lawyer close to PN administration offered me presidential pardon’ – Silvio Zammit
Dalligate 03-07

Man accused of bribery in Dalligate says that former police commissioner in November 2012, lawyer close to the...