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Kessler denies OPM contact, Dalli says email correspondence exists
Dalligate 03-07

OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler denies John Dalli’s claims that he was in touch with Lawrence Gonzi’s ...
[VIDEO] PM: Inquiries with OLAF over police contact
Dalligate 03-07

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says inquiries will be made with OLAF over alleged refusal by police to collabora...
Dalli: PN leader should uphold rights of Maltese not defend Kessler
Dalligate 03-07

Former EU commissioner John Dalli says PN leader Simon Busuttil 'is galloping to charge at his pet hates l...
Dalli wanted Kessler confrontation in committee, Gonzi denies allegation
National 02-07

Updated | Dalli says Kessler told common source that Maltese authorities must have tapes of his interviews wit...
Updated | Police chief says Kessler’s request was not legally correct
Dalligate 02-07

Updated | Police summons for OLAF chief to testify in compilation of evidence against Silvio Zammit over alleg...
EU Ombudsman to investigate EC contacts with tobacco lobbyists
Dalligate 02-07

The European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has confirmed that she will investigate the European Commission...
Barroso to testify at European court over Dalli resignation
Dalligate 20-06

European Commission president to testify in John Dalli resignation case heard before the European Court of Jus...
Update 2 | Busuttil will present witnesses to substantiate Dalligate interference
National 06-06

PN leader Simon Busuttil once again fails to show up in front of privileges committee while OLAF director-gene...
Brussels refuses to disclose Swedish Match complaint on Dalli
Dalligate 14-05

EU’s secretariat-general refuses turns down Freedom of Information request for Swedish Match complaint
Transparency watchdog says EU remains vulnerable to corruption
World 24-04

OLAF, Council, and Commission taken to task over Dalligate investigation
European Ombudsman calls on Commission to release Dalli documents
Dalligate 11-04

The European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has asked the European Commission to publish letters and internal ...
Dalli: ‘Barroso was against the Tobacco Products Directive’
Court & Police 13-03

Former European Commissioner John Dalli testifies in compilation of evidence against Silvio Zammit, charged wi...
Silvio Zammit files Belgian privacy complaint over ‘illegal’ recording
Dalligate 18-02

Zammit files complaint against ESTOC, Swedish Match, OLAF and European Commission officials over ‘illegal te...
Dalli’s and Kimberley’s names not mentioned during Swedish Match lunch
Court & Police 30-01

Witness says names of commissioner and Maltese lobbyist were not mentioned during lunch in Stockholm paid by E...
OLAF chief did not give Zammit 24 hours’ notice for interrogation
Dalligate 21-01

A witness to Giovanni Kessler’s interrogation of Silvio Zammit said the OLAF chief provided a back-dated not...