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Tobacco lobbyist who made Dalligate complaint, no longer on ethical committee
Dalligate 18-12

Former Commission official Michel Petite, was Philip Morris lawyer who made Dalligate complaint to EC secretar...
Gayle Kimberley questioned by police over Dalligate
Court & Police 06-12

Police call in for questioning lawyer identified by OLAF report as having been party to bribery attempt of Swe...
Dalli refuses commissioners’ transitional allowance from Brussels
Dalligate 03-12

Former European Commissioner says he got authorisation from EC secretary-general Catherine Day to carry out re...
Dalligate, one year on: transparency and lobbying rules still weak
Dalligate 16-10

Corporate European Observatory: essential that Commission puts in place new policies and procedures to ensure ...
Tobacco rules voted by MEPs ‘big victory for industry’, says Dalli
World 10-10

Former health commissioner accuses European institutions of short-changing citizens
Watered down tobacco directive approved by MEPs
World 08-10

MEPs approve report on Tobbaco Products Directive, however a number of European Commission proposals are defea...
Greens accuse EPP of ‘doing tobacco lobby’s work to stub out ambitious rules’
World 08-10

Greens express regret at watered-down Tobacco Products Directive proposal voted for by MEPs
'PN government interfered in my case' - John Dalli
National 07-10

Former EU Commissioner John Dalli says PN administration had pressured police to arraign him, despite there wa...
Attorney General refuses to comment about Dalli case
Dalligate 02-10

‘I am bound by confidentiality’ – Peter Grech
After demanding OLAF resignation, EPP throws its weight behind Busuttil
Dalligate 02-10

Originally using Commissioner’s statement that there was no case against John Dalli to demand Giovanni Kessl...
Jury still out on police reluctance to press charges against Dalli
National 30-09

Dalli indicated as bribe’s ‘author’ in charges against Silvio Zammit – so why did police not press cha...
Busuttil reiterates political interference over Dalli charges, Muscat objects
National 30-09

Opposition leader’s riposte to Muscat’s ministerial statement accuses government of using its influence to...
Dalli replies to Busuttil: ‘I did not come in stealth’
Dalligate 28-09

Former commissioner says PN leader’s claims that he returned to Malta on change in government and under new ...
OLAF in renewed interest in Dalli, interviews Bahamas landlord
National 27-09

OLAF interviews Bahamas resident who alleged that John Dalli wanted to transfer millions in cash to Caribbean ...
Updated | Busuttil says police commissioner must resign, Zammit: Dalli investigation still open
Dalligate 27-09

‘It is clear that Peter Paul Zammit’s loyalty is to Labour Party and not towards the country’ – says P...