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Updated | Recording of Zammit requesting bribe published, Dalli hits out at Kessler
Dalligate 26-10

A Swedish newspaper has published the recording of John Dalli’s former canvasser Silvio Zammit, soliciting a €10 million bribe from a tobacco lobbyist

John Dalli revives dismissal suit with €1 million damages claim
Dalligate 18-08

John Dalli is seeking €1 million in damages in a new complaint filed with the European Court of Just...
Trading in influence charge against Swedish Match lobbyist time-barred
Dalligate 06-08

Since the alleged crime of trading in influence would have taken place right before in the months leading up t...
Updated | OLAF linked Dalli to Ponzi scheme in 2016, Dalli says leak concides with Kessler defamation case
National 12-05

OLAF presented Bahamas investigation to Attorney General in 2016, police say investigations are still ongoing
OLAF director Giovanni Kessler loses interim challenge on immunity in Dalligate investigation
Dalligate 02-08

General Court refuses request by OLAF director to suspend Commission decision lifting his immunity for Dalliga...
Court to rule on whether lengthy pre-trial breached Silvio Zammit's rights
Court & Police 21-07

Magistrate upheld Silvio Zammit’s request to refer to a Constitutional Court the possible breach of...
OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler fights immunity removal over Dalligate
Dalligate 07-06

Giovanni Kessler, director-general of the EU anti-fraud office (OLAF) files complaint in the General Court of ...
Dalli loses unfair dismissal appeal in EU court
Dalligate 14-04

Former commissioner’s unfair dismissal claim confirmed by European Court of Justice to have been inadmis...
Dalligate suspect files Belgian criminal complaint
Dalligate 15-03

Silvio Zammit, who stands charged with soliciting bribes, wants snus lobbyist investigated over illegal phone ...
Updated | OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler ousted in backroom move
Dalligate 09-03

Media reports say that the European Commission College has lifted the immunity of EU Anti-fraud Office (OLAF) ...
Brussels’ breached tobacco transparency rules by not publishing lobbyist meetings
Dalligate 06-10

Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly urges Commission to publish details of all meetings with tobacco lobbyists onli...
John Dalli appeals EU court decision on ‘unfair’ dismissal claim
Dalligate 27-07

Former European Commissioner files appeal, 'as his right', against EU court decision to reject hi...
Former Swedish Match director testifies in bribery case
Court & Police 26-06

ESTOC secretary-general Inge Delfosse chooses not to testify in Silvio Zammit charges  
Dalli loses claim against dismissal from European Commission
National 12-05

Former European Commissioner had accused EC of dimissing him unfairly, and filed claim in General Court of the...
OLAF investigated over illegal wiretapping during Dalli investigation
National 10-05

Supervisory committee investigating EU anti-fraud agency OLAF over claims that it carried out illegal tapping ...
Dalli’s diatribe against PN leader ‘figment of his imagination’ says Busuttil
Dalligate 28-03

Opposition leader says John Dalli’s claims that has friendship with OLAF director Giovanni Kessler &lsqu...