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Socialist MEPs vote against more transparency on Dalligate
World 17-04

European Parliament approves amendments to OLAF budget discharge in which MEPs express concern on investigatio...
Updated | European Greens accuse parliament groups of cover-up over Dalligate inquiry
World 12-04

“Cover-up continues” as EP political groups oppose Green demand for special committee
Over 3,900 signatures in petition to Barroso demanding transparency on Dalligate
World 05-04

Online petition by transparency network presented to European Commission to reveal more about former commissio...
Dalligate | Why did OLAF suggest that Gayle Kimberley be prosecuted?
National 02-04

MaltaToday retraces its steps in the testimony of the Malta police on the Dalli investigation, and how this ta...
Dalligate | OLAF denies influencing witnesses
National 27-03

EU anti-fraud agency reiterates statement of denial as it comes under pressure of manipulating investigation i...
Dalligate now turns into full-blown conspiracy
National 25-03

Defence counsel for Silvio Zammit alleges political influence in the way investigation was conducted.
Ombudsman launches investigation into European Commission’s Dalligate secrecy
World 06-03

EU Ombudsman wants to inspect Commission’s files relating to the resignation of John Dalli.
Watchdog files EU Ombudsman complaint over Commission’s secrecy on Dalligate
National 21-01

Emails from EC secretary-general to Swedish Match not revealed in answers to MEPs’ 154 questions to Commissi...
Pressure mounts on European Commission to publish Dalligate investigation
National 19-01

Legal opinion from Commission’s legal services, and magistrate’s decision in charges against Silvio Zammit
After Dalligate, Commission reappoints tobacco lobbyist to ethics panel
World 31-12

Philip Morris lawyer and former head of EC's legal services is retained on ethics panel.
Dalligate | Police still investigating OLAF report, unclear whether Dalli was aware of bribe
Court & Police 18-12

Business associate of man charged with snus bribe, and colleague of Swedish Match lobbyist said Zammit’s...
OLAF director replies to MEPs’ questions on Dalligate
National 07-12

Kessler invokes confidentiality rules on specific questions dealing with contents of investigation into former...
MEPs submit 154 questions to Commission seeking answers on Dalligate
World 28-11

MEPs from EPP, socialists, greens, liberals and communist groups submit 154 questions in bid to shed light on ...
Dalligate | EP presidents meet Barroso, but get no access to OLAF dossier
National 16-11

European Commission president Josè Barroso says MEPs will not get restricted access to OLAF report on John Da...
Dalligate | A badly-handled resignation and the pax tobacco
National 30-10

Beyond the conspiracy theories of tobaccogate, John Dalli’s review of tobacco laws to reduce tobacco-related...