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The importance of being lucid | Joanna Drake
Interview 02-05

Founder and Chair of the Yes to Europe Movement Dr Joanna Drake is no stranger to referenda. Now EU Director...
Air Malta reform: all up in the air? | Dominic Azzopardi
Interview 02-05

Having captained Air Malta planes for the last 15 years, Dominic Azzopardi took up the helm of the Airline P...
A patriot in the kitchen | Pippa Mattei
Interview 25-04

Pippa Mattei has always been an advocate of Maltese cuisine. Both her books – 25 Years in a Maltese Ki...
Less haste, more prudence | Joyce Cassar
Interview 20-04

There is more to being against divorce than just religious fundamentalism, and Zwieg Bla Divorzju lobbyist J...
Joseph’s deputy | Toni Abela
Interview 10-04

His moustache is not for shaving, but he Toni Abela foursquare behind Joseph Muscat’s drive to make La...
An exodus in perspective | Jon Hoisaeter
Interview 04-04

Wary of the problems, and negative sentiment, that the immigration issue will continue to stir up among the ...
Giants of low-cost | Michael Cawley
Interview 28-03

Ryanair’s second-in-command Michael Cawley rubbished Ernst & Young’s warnings to Air Malta t...
Not playing happy schools | Juanito Camilleri
Interview 22-03

In his report issued late last year, University rector Professor Juanito Camilleri laid bare university&rsqu...
The exception that makes the rule | Alex Sciberras
Interview 21-03

In the wake of the Li Tkisser Sewwi trial, lawyer Alex Sciberras talks about the lessons to be learnt from t...
Defending the honour of the House | Michael Frendo
Interview 15-03

While lamenting the ‘PR disaster’ that was the MPs pay rise, Speaker of the House Michael Frendo...
When truth is not always one-sided | Khaled Alashdar
Interview 08-03

Khaled Alashdar, who resigned his post as Chief Security Officer at the Libyan Embassy in Malta a few days a...
Between fear and defiance | Khaled Riani
Interview 03-03

Muammar Gaddafi still has the power to make Libyan exiles like Khaled Riani tremble with fear when he speaks...
Defender of the bond | Beppe Fenech Adami
Interview 21-02

Beppe Fenech Adami, MP, is adamant that the divorce bill before Parliament is ‘sugar-coated’, an...
Labour’s blast from the past | Karmenu Vella
Interview 14-02

He’s been branded a left-over from the ‘bad old days’ of Labour, but former tourism m...
Driving the reform home | Austin Walker
Interview 31-01

Austin Walker once described himself as an ‘expensive car’,  but has he delivered?