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I’m a believer… | Simon Busuttil
Interview 08-10

MEP Simon Busuttil acknowledges that the dice appear loaded against a PN victory at the next election. But he ...
Balancing the scales of justice | Josè Herrera
Interview 01-10

Labour MP and shadow minister for justice Josè Herrera talks about Labour’s vision for the justice system.
Malta’s leap in the dark | Peter Apap Bologna
Interview 24-09

Not all tears shed on Independence Day in 1964 were tears of joy at Malta’s newfound autonomy. Peter Apap Bo...
I am an action man | Claudio Grech
Interview 23-09

Claudio Grech emerges from the shadow of Austin Gatt, proclaiming to be somebody with a vision and not just a ...
The proof of the pudding… | Joseph Muscat
Interview 17-09

Joseph Muscat is brimming with confidence ahead of an election which cannot be more than a few months away. Bu...
In the footsteps of Austin? | Emanuel Delia
Interview 09-09

From student leader to the face of transport reform: Austin Gatt’s right-hand man Emanuel Delia is already a...
Eurovision was only the beginning | Ira Losco
National 03-09

Malta’s former Eurovision hopeful (and near-winner) Ira Losco takes a break from recording her new album to ...
The great debate: cigarette packaging
Interview 27-08

Following Australia’s High Court ruling on cigarette packaging, Charles Saliba, general manager, British Ame...
Closing Uncle Dom’s books | Wenzu Mintoff
Interview 27-08

Wenzu Mintoff attributes his uncle's reluctance to stand up against criminal and violent elements in the party...
A different Church | Rene Camilleri
Interview 20-08

Rev Prof. Rene Camilleri lectures theology at the University of Malta. He is also perceived as a ringleader in...
The persuasion of politics | Mario de Marco
Interview 12-08

Despite the long shadow cast by his late father, Mario de Marco was dubbed as a ‘reluctant politician’. No...
The cost of irreverence | Joe Falzon
Interview 05-08

Joe Falzon always believed that “if you stand up to politicians, they take notice and they back off” and h...
From union to party man | Gejtu Vella
Interview 29-07

Former UHM secretary general Gejtu Vella insists that the PN is closest to workers’ needs and aspirations, a...
Crisis? What crisis? | Beppe Fenech Adami
Interview 22-07

The three rebel MPs have been barred from contesting with the PN, and the government has reached an uneasy com...
Turning it around | Louis Farrugia
Interview 22-07

Air Malta’s chairman Louis Farrugia believes the airline must not only reduce costs and enhance its income t...