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Who’s afraid of divorce? | Rene Camilleri
Interview 19-01

Theologian Fr Rene Camilleri is not scared of the introduction of divorce, but he fears ...
The man who refused €7,000 | Jean-Pierre Farrugia
Interview 13-01

Jean Pierre Farrugia thinks that the government is cut off from reality and thinks his party has changed bey...
His own man | Jesmond Mugliett
Interview 20-12

Former Minister Jesmond Mugliett has no qualms criticising his own party in parliament, but he vehemently de...
Naming and shaming | Carm Mifsud Bonnici
Interview 11-12

Justice and Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici wants to keep our children safe, reform the prison ...
The family guy | Edwin Vassallo
Interview 07-12

Edwin Vassallo believes that marriage has a superior value to cohabitation. So why is he against separated p...
Pro-divorce means pro-family | Deborah Schembri
Interview 01-12

Chairman of the newly formed ‘Yes’ campaign Dr Deborah Schembri talks to RAPHAEL VASSALLO about ...
Too early to panic | Mario de Marco
Interview 01-12

The late Professor Guido de Marco is a tough act to follow. His son, Dr Mario de Marco, is Parliamentary Sec...
Weathering the storm | Lawrence Gonzi
Interview 26-11

He stands by his decisions, denies falling out with Austin Gatt, and reneges on a former decision to reform ...
Kenneth Zammit Tabona on art, buses and birds
Interview 16-11

Kenneth Zammit Tabona is a renowned artist and popular columnist. His life revolves around art and the peopl...
Shaken, but still standing | Tonio Fenech
Interview 16-11

Finance Minister Tonio Fenech has survived allegations of corruption, trading in influence and breaching min...
A future in the world of tourism | Tony Coleiro
Interview 10-11

Tourism in Malta is a lifeline for many a company, whether directly or indirectly. The blows delivered recen...
A bolt from the blue | George Micallef
Interview 03-11

In the past year, government invested €2.5 million to develop new airline routes that made 2010 a bount...
WATCH | Emmanuel Mallia interviewed. An analysis of the Whistleblower's Act
Interview 24-10

Prominent criminal lawyer Emmanuel Mallia throws the dorrs wide open to a national debate on the recently la...
Keeping fingers crossed | Joseph Formosa Gauci
Interview 11-10

Unlike many other government officials who can only speak about better times ahead, MTA Chief exec...
'The PN needs new direction' | John Dalli
Interview 28-09

Six years after his forced resignation from Lawrence Gonzi’s Cabinet over a report now proved to have ...