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WATCH | Emmanuel Mallia interviewed. An analysis of the Whistleblower's Act
Interview 24-10

Prominent criminal lawyer Emmanuel Mallia throws the dorrs wide open to a national debate on the recently la...
Keeping fingers crossed | Joseph Formosa Gauci
Interview 11-10

Unlike many other government officials who can only speak about better times ahead, MTA Chief exec...
'The PN needs new direction' | John Dalli
Interview 28-09

Six years after his forced resignation from Lawrence Gonzi’s Cabinet over a report now proved to have ...
Lies, damn lies and the Ministry of Health | Paul Pace
Interview 20-09

Mark Twain believes there are three kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics. Paul Pace, President of t...
Great balls of fire | Michael Falzon
Interview 13-09

Defying calls for a moratorium in the wake of Sunday’s fatal explosion in Gharb, Labour’s spokes...
Stopping the rot | Chris Said
Interview 06-09

While applauding recent government clampdowns on corruption, Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Pr...
The green, green grass of Marsa | Ralph Asciak
Interview 01-09

On our small, over-populated urban island, the Marsa Sports Club (MSC) provides a haven of greenery and coun...
This is my story | Nikki Dimech
Interview 24-08

Sliema mayor NIKKI DIMECH recounts his side of the story as he fights off impeachment, and suggests he has f...
The story behind the casualty | Jonathan Joslin
Interview 24-08

Jonathan Joslin - Casualty Department Consultant at Mater Dei Hospital - talks to MaltaToday about car ...
When a smile makes a big difference | Italico Rota
Interview 17-08

Karl Stagno-Navarra speaks to Italico Rota, General Manager at Corinthia Palace Hotel, Attard and talks abou...
No flirting with Labour | Karol Aquilina
Interview 10-08

Karol Aquilina does not mince his words, accusing Siggiewi mayor Robert Musumeci of “going out of his ...
Strange bedfellows | Cyrus Engerer
Interview 27-07

With his progressive views on divorce and gay equality, Cyrus Engerer would not be out of place in a Europea...
When trade is no longer fair | Anthony Galea
Interview 17-07

For 30 years a member of the Trade Fair Council, Anthony Galea argues for a return of the International Trad...
And on the eighth day… God created football | Hillary Tagliaferro
Interview 11-07

For many years he was the face (and voice) of football on local television. Veteran commentator and sports p...
Celluliod conquest is imminent | Rebecca Cremona
Interview 04-07

Having graduated from the American Film Institute, film writer, director and producer Rebecca Cremona is poi...