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ACTA: the calm after the storm?
Interview 16-04

After the tumultuous reception that greeted Malta’s ratification of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ...
Side by Said | Chris Said
Interview 15-04

From IVF to gay partnerships, from the minimum wage to the unemployed, from the appointment of judges to the p...
Chris Said on IVF, gay unions and court appointments
Interview 14-04

Chris Said discusses a number of issues ranging from IVF to gay partnerships, from the minimum wage to the u...
We need to talk about Dom | Pierre Ellul
Interview 09-04

His recently released documentary on Dom Mintoff has sparked debate and criticism from both sides of the polit...
No hidden or personal agendas | Alan Curry
Interview 08-04

After 12 years of being at the forefront of the LifeCycle Challenge, Alan Curry, the founder, talks about the ...
Surviving breast cancer | Gertrude Abela
Interview 08-04

Gertrude Abela, president of the Breast Care Support Group Europa Donna Malta – a member of the European Bre...
No time for toying around
Interview 05-04

Playmobil CEO Helga Ellul speaks to DUNCAN BARRY about finding the right product mix, women in the workplace.....
Better wild promises than fake ones | Joseph Muscat
Interview 02-04

The death of Nicholas Azzopardi in custody calls to mind another recent incident in which police conduct has b...
A life less ordinary | Sandra Borg
Interview 31-03

With more children being diagnosed with autism each passing year, president of the Autism Parents Association ...
Do not blame the poor | Leonid McKay
Interview 31-03

Leonid McKay, one of the authors of a Caritas study ‘A Minimum Budget for a Decent Living’ refutes the pre...
Democracy he wrote | Peter Paul Busuttil
Interview 26-03

After serving 18 years as Safi’s mayor, PN icon Peter Paul Busuttil will formally hand over the ‘hammer’...
Openness, unity, honesty and integrity | Tony Chircop
Interview 26-03

The election of Tony Chircop as Sliema mayor may have taken some people by surprise. However, Chircop is deter...
More than a real estate agency | Albert Buttigieg
Interview 18-03

The Housing Authority’s CEO Albert Buttigieg has set his sights on changing the way people look at social ho...
Detecting deception | Angelo Gafa
Interview 18-03

The role of the Economic Crimes Unit, formerly known as the anti-fraud squad within the Malta Police Force, is...
A pillar of Salt | Grahame Salt
Interview 15-03

Grahame Salt, one of the directors at Frank Salt Real Estate, states that the foreign property market in Malta...