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Steering Gozo Channel | Paul Curmi
Interview 08-05

Newly-appointed Gozo Channel chairman Paul Curmi doesn’t lack the enthusiasm to be at the helm of the countr...
The gentle anarchist | Charles Miceli
Interview 07-05

For Charles Miceli, poverty is not a statistic but a reality he meets every day… in the shape of real people...
From door to door | Robert Arrigo
Interview 06-05

Renowned for his prodigious house visits, Sliema Nationalist MP Robert Arrigo is confident about his party’s...
‘High’ times | David Caruana
Interview 06-05

Legalise Cannabis Malta spokesman David Caruana on why should cannabis be decriminalised.
Grasping the nettles | Martin Scicluna
Interview 29-04

Martin Scicluna, Today Public Policy Institute director, warns against the dangers of complacency, against a n...
Martin Scicluna on addressing the country's priorities
Interview 28-04

Martin Scicluna, Today Public Policy Institute director, talks about the dangers of complacency, against a nat...
Killing the Speed | Josie Brincat
National 25-04

Alcohol-related accidents are a major concern all over the world. And Malta is no exception. DUNCAN BARRY spea...
Sudden impact | Mario Bezzina
Interview 25-04

Picturing the harsh consequences one can leave on both himself and his family is enough to reconsider driving ...
A trade unionist for life? | John Bencini
Interview 22-04

Politics and trade unionism run in John Bencini’s blood. But although tempted to join the political fray aft...
ACTA: the calm after the storm?
Interview 16-04

After the tumultuous reception that greeted Malta’s ratification of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ...
Side by Said | Chris Said
Interview 15-04

From IVF to gay partnerships, from the minimum wage to the unemployed, from the appointment of judges to the p...
Chris Said on IVF, gay unions and court appointments
Interview 14-04

Chris Said discusses a number of issues ranging from IVF to gay partnerships, from the minimum wage to the u...
We need to talk about Dom | Pierre Ellul
Interview 09-04

His recently released documentary on Dom Mintoff has sparked debate and criticism from both sides of the polit...
No hidden or personal agendas | Alan Curry
Interview 08-04

After 12 years of being at the forefront of the LifeCycle Challenge, Alan Curry, the founder, talks about the ...
Surviving breast cancer | Gertrude Abela
Interview 08-04

Gertrude Abela, president of the Breast Care Support Group Europa Donna Malta – a member of the European Bre...