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No ‘firm conclusion’ in Chamber’s discussion on lawyers in business
National 23-08

George Hyzler: 'The issue of the extent that lawyers should be permitted to participate in business is a s...
Ride-sharing hits Malta ... and it’s not Uber
National 23-08

Estonian upstart Taxify has, for the past three years, slowly been building a solid foundation in 18 countries...
[WATCH] Maltese government guilty of ‘inverse racism’ against Defend Europe crew - Patrijotti
National 22-08

The far-right group said it had no option but to intervene after the government denied ‘European kids&rs...
Equality minister dubs Chris Said a threat to ‘progressive Malta’
National 22-08

Dalli hits out at Chris Said's pledge to replace gender-neutral laws with 'parent' with '...
Planning ombudsman rues obstruction of pavements by al fresco restaurants
National 22-08

The Commissioner for Environment and Planning claims that local restaurants are obstructing pavements with tab...
Life-savers MOAS vow to continue mission at sea, three years on
National 22-08

On the third anniversary since its foundation, MOAS renews its commitment to its humanitarian mission in the M...
Speaker plans parliamentary childcare centre
National 22-08

The country’s highest institution may soon be getting its own childcare centre, in a long overdue servic...
Mortgages grow, but banks see fewer consumer loans taken out
National 22-08

Malta’s strong economic performance and low unemployment is allowing more people to become homeowners an...
‘Lawyers should not be businessmen,’ says retired judge
National 21-08

Government should not allow Malta to remain ‘at the tail-end of European professional standards’, ...
PN in agreement with government: No place for extremists in Malta
National 21-08

The PN said in a statement that it supported the government’s decision not to allow the anti-migrant ves...
Chris Said terminology pledge proves only Labour protects civil rights, Equality Labour says
National 21-08

Equality Labour has expressed concern at Nationalist Party leader candidate Chris Said’s comments, where...
Proposed rules for strip clubs: private rooms abolished, but naked dancers to be allowed
National 21-08

Under the new rules, private dancing rooms will no longer be allowed, which previously meant that customers co...
Former B’Kara goalie: ‘Instead of going to police, Delia carried out his own interrogation’
National 21-08

PN leadership Adrian Delia has denied taking the law in his own hands when he ordered Kopric into a car and dr...
Barcelona attack ‘another criminal satanic act’, says Imam
National 20-08

The head of the local Muslim community condemned the attacks and said they caused ‘grave harm to the Isl...
Muscat on anti-refugee boat C-Star: ‘We will not allow Malta to be used by racists’
National 20-08

Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat said that irrespectively of the country's own clear position on migra...