Artistic installation to promote Ghanafest

MCAST’s Institute of Art and Design students yesterday presented ‘Gheruq’ (Roots), a public art project created in collaboration with Ghanafest.

Minister Dolores Cristina (centre) visited the installation at St Anne Square in Sliema yesterday.
Minister Dolores Cristina (centre) visited the installation at St Anne Square in Sliema yesterday.

The project forms part of a study-unit tied to site-specific public art and was inspired by the elements embodying this year's festival - colours and forms, culinary traditions, folklore and music.

The students started this 16-week task by researching the various cultures represented in this year's festival.

"All students joined forces to produce work of a very high level, demonstrating skill and adaptability in the production of this public art piece," Stephen Vella, Director of the MCAST Institute of Art and Design, said.

Minister for Education and Employment Dolores Cristina visited the Art Installation this morning and met the students who participated in the project. Cristina encouraged the students to keep up the good work, as this would provide them with career opportunities.

Ghanafest will be held this weekend - June 8, 9 and 10 from 19:00 - at the Argotti Gardens in Floriana and will feature different styles of ghana and world music from Morocco, Greece, Spain and Malta.

The Festival will host a series of workshops on traditional instruments and a special programme for children.

An event geared for the entire family, Ghanafest is complemented by traditional Maltese food, market stalls and the marvelous surroundings of the Argotti Botanical Gardens.

"Ghanafest goes beyond a concert series. The Festival reaches out towards innovative interdisciplinary platforms promoting our local music heritage," Ghanafest Artistic Director Ruben Zahra, said.

Ghanafest - Malta Mediterranean Folk Music Festival is supported by the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts and the Ministry for Tourism, the Environment and Culture.

Tickets for Ghanafest are at €3 and €7 for a three-day block ticket available at the door.