Karl Azzopardi is an IGM press awards (Human Stories) winner of 2019

Fishers hope for diplomatic solution to Tunisian problem
Malta heads into talks over lampuki wars and theft of kannizzatti on high seas...
Five youths arrested in Luqa drug bust
Cannabis grass and packets of a white powder suspected of being cocaine where...
Church insists the purchase of sex should be criminalised
The church’s, Justice and Peace Commission and Caritas Malta, has...
[WATCH] PM refuses to reply to questions, tells journalists he had earlier event to do so
‘I’m not playing this game’ – PM refuses to reply to...
[WATCH] Fortina’s sightseeing pass gives access to ferries, buses, museums and entertainment spost
iSeeMalta single pass gives access to ferry services, sightseeing...
Man seriously injured in motorcycle crash
The incident happened at the Naxxar coast road
Almost 3,000 divorces granted since it became legal in 2011
The highest number of divorces was registered in 2012, the first full year...
2019 European elections register EU wide increase in voter turnout
Europe 2019
This year’s European Parliament elections registered the highest voter...