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E-book use is up as COVID-19 keeps people home
In the first four months of 2020 people have already downloaded 40% of the...
[WATCH] Blocking ports for asylum seekers ‘unfortunate but correct’, education minister says
Education Minister Owen Bonnici sticks to government stance that Malta cannot...
[WATCH] Qawra primary school to take in 500 students in coming scholastic year
Education Minister says construction of new Qawra school will ensure the best...
Second woman posing as health worker arrested after string of burglaries on elderly residents
Court & Police
Police arrest another woman who carried out a string of burglaries in...
Trade union federation asks Prime Minister to intervene in cabin crew, Air Malta dispute
Now is not the time for Air Malta to play around with the jobs of its workers,...
Government should not conjure up excuses to shirk international obligations, AD says
Green Party disagrees with government decision to close down ports for...
‘Urging people traffickers is inhumane’, Evarist Bartolo says of migrant rescue NGOs
Malta Foreign Minister suggests migrant rescue NGOs in the Mediterranean are...
[WATCH] 20 new coronavirus cases bring total up to 370 cases
A total of 1,288 swab tests were carried out in the last 24 hours