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University academics call for appropriate conditions for child asylum seekers
University of Malta academics say that incidents like the riot at the Hal...
[WATCH] Study to take x-ray of education profession
The Malta Union of Teachers and the Education Ministry have teamed up for a...
[WATCH] Hate crimes unit to offer victims support, not ‘carry out social media witch-hunts’
New hate crime unit will help victims rather than fishing out perpertrators on...
[WATCH] Government evaluating alternative locations for a new migrant open centre
Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia said that many countries in the EU were...
Eddie Fenech Adami’s longtime driver and confidant, Charles Borg is-Sunnara, dies
Charles Borg forged his close relationship with former Prime Minister and PN...
[WATCH] Integra Foundation Director calls scenes at Hal Far ‘upsetting but not a surprise’
Maria Pisani called for better dialogue between the NGO and the government in...
Updated | Man reported missing, found dead
Court & Police
A man reported missing on Sunday, has been found dead, the police have confirmed
Woman grievously injured after motorcycle crash
Court & Police
The accident happened at the Naxxar coast road