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Money laundering case: Keith Schembri's father would be asked to sign documents he had no knowledge of
Court & Police
The compilation of evidence against former OPM chief of staff Keith...
Updated | Malta left off United Kingdom’s travel green list
Malta does not make it to the United Kingdom’s green list for...
[WATCH] Vaccine naysayers say they are too young for the jab
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EU Presidents: Strength of European democracies lies in engaging the voices of society
21 Presidents of the EU member states issue joint letter to European citizens...
Sinopharm: Chinese-made vaccine gets WHO approval
World Health Organisation says the Sinopharm vaccine has the potential of...
Handle cannabis decriminalisation with caution, church schools tell government
Church schools say government needs to reflect on the validity of...
Azzopardi’s shock declaration: ‘It doesn’t result that hundreds of messages were exchanged between Yorgen Fenech and Delia’
Delia tells supporters: no show of force outside PN headquarters
Ahead of PN executive meeting over social media spat with Jason Azzopardi,...