Kurt Sansone is Online Editor of www.maltatoday.com.mt. He was formerly deputy editor of MaltaToday on Sunday and later editor of Illum, before joining The Times of Malta.

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British High Commissioner Stuart Gill hopes the EU will move towards ‘a...
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Budget 2020
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Malta is exporting electricity in historic first
Power stations at Delimara produced 68% of Malta’s electricity last year,...
Lawyer who boasted of political connections during IIP TV sting denies wrongdoing
Jean-Philippe Chetcuti, who was secretly filmed in a French journalistic sting,...
Majority disagree with sale of Maltese citizenship, show strong support for road widening
Data & Surveys
56.3% of survey respondents disagreed with the Individual Investor Programme,...
Prime Minister met with Caruana Galizia family over public inquiry
Joseph Muscat tells Parliament other meetings could be held
Caruana Galizia murder | Joseph Muscat says he is not privy to investigations
A day after media reports suggest that ‘a major businessman’ is a...