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The importance of signatures in tender bids
Law Report
The signatures required in bids for tenders are important because a tender is a...
European arrest warrants are based on mutual trust among EU states
Law Report
European Arrests Warrants system within the European Union is based on the...
Teachers should have a good conduct throughout their career
Law Report
Teachers must hold on to the requisites of their warrant throughout their...
Can the rearing of pigeons amount to harassment?
Law Report
The offence of harassment requires the principle of this offence to behave in...
Fundamental elements of the warrant of prohibitory injunction
Law Report
The warrant of prohibitory injunction prevents a person or entity from doing...
Impossibility of paying maintenance is no defence in criminal proceedings
Law Report
The defence of impossibility in criminal proceedings does not eliminate...
If the accused understands the charges, then guilty plea stands
Law Report
If the accused understand that the charges he is admitting to, then that guilty...
Contracts obtained by fraud must be of a serious nature
Law Report
When one alleged that a contract was obtained by fraud, then that party must...