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Court outlines the essential elements needed  for a judgement to be found 'res judicata'
Law Report
Since the plea of res judicata is meant to stop an action from being decided by...
Appeal from a decision of the Industrial Tribunal  must be on a point of law
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An appeal application purely based on the disagreement with the analysis of the...
When prosecution rests on one witness’s testimony, it must be proven to be safe and satisfactory
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For the accused to be found guilty on the basis of the testimony of one...
Court refuses to decide on the merits of an executive garnishee order
Law Report
Where the law states in Article 281 of the Code of Organisation and Civil...
Court of Appeal will not re-examine  facts following a voluntary arbitration
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Following an arbitration award, the Court of Appeal cannot enter into the facts...
Court awards sum of wages owed to employee although employment contract was not in writing
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An employment contract is not one which is enlisted in Article 1233 which...
Article 12 of Housing (DeControl) Ordinance  in violation of human rights
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The Housing (DeControl) Ordinance states that where a dwelling house has been...
Judicial review procedure cannot substitute the natural process of complaints
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The Court faced with a judicial review lawsuit is not competent to hear it if...