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Co-owners may be given the keys of the common property
Law Report
The First Hall of the Civil Courts held that all co-owners have a right to the...
Mother obtains exclusive care and custody of child
Law Report
The evidence in this case showed that the minor child was brought up...
When permission is requested on site with illegalities
Planning Blog
The Commission turned down the said application of an agricultural field...
If you broke your leg 50 years ago, tell your medical insurance provider
Law Report
The court said it could not impose upon the insurance company to renew a...
Property not forfeited in favour of government when not of criminal origin
Law Report
The court held that the fact that the couple were granted a banking facility in...
Authority issuing a tender must give  all information to all tenderers
Law Report
The Court of Appeal ordered that a tender be re-issued following the...
Not refunding payment may constitute a crime
Law Report
A supplier who failed to refund an order which was cancelled on the hope that...
There is a distinction between personal and corporate representation
Law Report
The Tribunal also disagreed with the Board of Governors that the application...