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Civil Courts bound to decide on the validity of lease agreements
Law Report
Recent amendments to the Civil Code confirm that the Civil Courts have...
Novation only takes place when obligation is extinguished to make room for a new obligation
Law Report
A verbal agreement following a public deed is not novation if the terms and...
Special circumstances may help to change punishments
Law Report
When the accused admits to charges, the Court of Criminal Appeal may change the...
Contractors remain responsible even though the works have been accepted
Law Report
When a contractor finishes the works he or she was engaged to carry out, he/she...
Adultery has its consequences: woman made husband work lover’s field
Law Report
Wife brought another man into their matrimonial home and the husband was made...
Fund administrators and trustees cannot depend on advice given by other professionals
Law Report
Fund administrators and trustees of pensions funds must carry administer the...
Termination of community of acquests during separation proceedings concern future dealings only
Law Report
The community of acquests may be terminated during separation proceedings, but...
Warrants enforcing executive titles may be challenged in very limited cases
Law Report
Once the merits of a case have been decided, the court cannot reopen the same...