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Country to The Hague Convention is a stumbling block for children to travel
Law Report
If a child travels with one of the parents to a country not a signatory to the...
Re-discussing an agreement does not terminate that agreement
Law Report
If one party to agreement wants to re-discuss any terms, the agreement is still...
Endorsed bills of exchange have to be paid irrespective of underlying obligations
Law Report
The law makes a difference between endorsed bills of exchange and those which...
Payment of deposit in civil appeals is essential
Law Report
The payment of a deposit before the first sitting of an appeal is essential as...
Authorities may limit licences to ensure safety
Law Report
Transport Malta was justified to limit the berthing of a water sports vessel to...
Not all decisions from the Medical Council may be appealed from
Law Report
Appeals from the Medical Council can take place only if it concerns the...
Although Lands Authority took their time, they did it correctly
Law Report
The Lands Authority have a legal duty to decide on all aspects of public...
No legal definitions of negligent driving and dangerous driving
Law Report
Although there is no legal definition of what negligent driving and...