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Non fulfilment of obligations may result in damages
Law Report
Damages may ensue as a consequence when someone fails to fulfil his or her...
On last day of work, one can apply to Industrial Tribunal
Law Report
The four-month period in which a former employee may file an Industrial...
Authorities have an obligation to assist the public
Law Report
uthorities are bound at law to give all vital information to the public in...
Civil Court has competence to hear issues dealing with commercial rural leases
Law Report
The Civil Court have jurisdiction to decide cases concerning commercial leases...
Suspended sentence cannot be awarded in certain circumstances
Law Report
The Court of Criminal Appeal switched the punishment of a person who was first...
The three principles of criminal punishment explained
Law Report
When awarding a punishment in criminal cases, the courts have to keep in mind...
Court accepts and explains defence of provocation
Law Report
The Court of Criminal Appeal overturned a conviction of a mother, since the...
Court has wide powers to appoint company administrator
Law Report
The Companies Act allows the Court to have a wide discretion to appoint...