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If one wants to file an action for a retrial, the appropriate procedure must be used
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Not any action may be used for the purposes of a retrial, in terms of Article...
Police must not rest on a report but investigate before issuing charges
Law Report
The police must not issue charges on the basis of a police report without first...
Pretended rights charges borders on the civil law rights
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Although the charge of pretended rights is a crime, it is not far off from...
Constructive dismissal takes place when employee is forced to resign against his will
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When resigns not because he wants to but because of the situation he or she is...
A direct relationship establishes a juridical relationship
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The involvement of a third party in a contract of works puts in doubt the...
There must be a clear understanding in a Prestanome arrangement
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A Prestanome is an indirect mandate, but the parties have to be aware of its...
Second wife of a few months is entitled to reserved portion after the death of the husband
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The law provides that the widow of a divorced husband is entitled to receive...
Reasonable time in criminal proceedings, is without delay
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There is a distinction between civil and criminal proceedings when analysing...