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Filing late reply before Arbiter for Financial Services has consequences
Law Report
The late submission of a reply before the Arbiter for Financial Services will...
Court may not be competent to hear a counter-claim due to the sum claimed
Law Report
A court may not be competent to hear a counter-claim because that claim is...
Usury may occur upon the promise of higher interest rates
Law Report
The crime of usury take place even before the transaction, but upon the...
There is no legal right to parking in front of one’s home
Law Report
There is no legal right for anyone to object to road markings on the ground...
Evaluation of appeal is required to determine which declarations are res judicata
Law Report
A decision of the Civil Court (Family Section) was overturned by the Court of...
Constitutional proceedings can be initiated if there’s no effective and adequate remedy
Law Report
This principle was reiterated in Ismail Issa v. Attorney General decided on the...
Defence of insanity upheld
Law Report
The Court must examine whether at the time of the commission of the crime, the...
Disciplinary processes required before serious decision to terminate employment
Law Report
Case filed Giulia Gattuccio against her former employer Suda Entertainments...