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Suspended sentence cannot be awarded in certain circumstances
Law Report
The Court of Criminal Appeal switched the punishment of a person who was first...
The three principles of criminal punishment explained
Law Report
When awarding a punishment in criminal cases, the courts have to keep in mind...
Court accepts and explains defence of provocation
Law Report
The Court of Criminal Appeal overturned a conviction of a mother, since the...
Court has wide powers to appoint company administrator
Law Report
The Companies Act allows the Court to have a wide discretion to appoint...
Adoption does not block a declaration of who is the natural father
Law Report
A father was declared the natural father of a minor child, irrespective of the...
No need to ask for premises to be vacated, immediately after Court auction
Law Report
When a property is purchased by court auction, there is no need that the...
Garnishee order may change if circumstances change
Law Report
A garnishee order may be revoked in whole or in part if the circumstances of...
Structural alternatives in rented properties do not necessarily result in termination of the lease
Law Report
Those structural alternations in rented property which are required does not...