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Court should limit itself to claims
Law Report
The civil court should always follow its procedure, even if a constitutional...
Warrant upheld once it is satisfying all the requests
Law Report
A warrant of prohibitory injunction may be issued once that the three elements...
Changes to names of parties of a lawsuit may be corrected
Law Report
The Court has wide powers to correct the names of acts of court cases in order...
Court will use principle of proportionality to determine whether a party can appeal a judgement in parte
Law Report
The court held that since it was a commercial case and the applicant was a...
When a warrant does not rest on an executive title it can be executed any time and without prior Court authorisation
Law Report
Where an executive warrant does not rest on an executive title, such as in the...
Any administrative act may be scrutinised by the Administrative Review Tribunal
Law Report
The Administrative Review Tribunal is competent to hear and decide any...
No prescription among co-debtors
Law Report
When a co-debtor pays the debtor, the other debtor cannot raise the plea of...
Grandparents have a juridical interest to request access to grandchildren
Law Report
EU legislation has interpreted the right to family life in its widest sense and...