Pittsburgh shooting: Eight killed as gunman opens fire in synagogue
A gunman entered a synagogue in the US city of Pittsburgh and opened fire while...
Tremors felt in Malta after earthquake in Greece
Tremors where felt in Malta in the early hours of Friday morning, after an...
World champion athletes in Malta for Super League Triathlon
Malta is hosting one of the largest athletic events in the world
Financial services watchdog issues warning on cryptocurrency trading platform
Business News
The Malta Financial Services Authority has issued a warning against...
Satabank freeze: bank issues instructions for controlled withdrawals
Business News
Release of funds by Satabank will be subject to certain controls and checks...
Updated | MFSA to allow Satabank clients controlled withdrawals
Business News
Satabank clients to be given controlled withdrawal of their deposits
€610,000 in damages paid to band club property owners
The European Court of Human Rights ruled that the 24 co-owners were receiving...
[WATCH] Police break down trapping hide’s door after poacher locks himself in
‘Close your eyes or close trapping season,’...

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