PBS ordered to air feature which portrays the 'real situation' in prison
The national broadcaster has one week to air a feature which depicts the true...
Faculty for Social Wellbeing dean calls for end to solitary confinement in Malta’s prison
A position paper issued by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty for Social...
Planning Authority shoots down warehouse complex in ODZ
A proposal to replace a farm with a warehouse complex in Ħal Farrugġ, limits...
Mariner Shipping acquires Tubeline
Business News
Hili Company subsidiary Mariner Shipping acquires freight forwarder Tubeline Ltd
Venice Commission favours constitutional change for reform of regulatory bodies
The Council of Europe’s Venice Commission favours government proposal for...
COVID-19: Two new cases, 14 recoveries in 24 hours
No deaths recorded for 16 consecutive days as active cases drop to 84
Pensioner charged with money laundering again after police raid uncovers large cash sum
Court & Police
A pensioner investigated by police after his son had been arrested on charges...
No mediation in libel suit filed by Carmelo Abela against Jason Azzopardi
Court & Police
Carmelo Abela will contest allegations that he was involved in the 2010 failed...